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कथानक का लेखक
Directors, scriptwriters , cinematographers, set designers and the rest had to make hard decisions - to work with the enemy, or not work at all.
a person who writes a script for a play, movie, or broadcast.
translation of 'scriptwriter'
कथानक का लेखक,
I am quite conscious of the various approaches to characterisation, and where I fit into that as a 'scriptwriter' .
Someone implied it reduced the role of the 'scriptwriter' , but it's the contrary - the confidence and the skill to be able to use this type of cinema shows confidence in your writing and is unusual.
In that case, the 'scriptwriter' will have to tell a journey of initiation, or heroic journey, which will also be the account of this character's development.
The film crew is free to go, but the 'scriptwriter' is sentenced to thirty days of scraping up road kill.
That, I said, was the 'scriptwriter' 's sudden realization that they were running out of time really quickly and needed to wrap things up in a hurry.
Pygmalion was the first of three Shaw adaptations that he was to direct, and the first film on which the great dramatist himself worked as 'scriptwriter' .
In the end, it comes down to the whim of the director and the 'scriptwriter' 's secret stash.
And I sure as hell ain't cheering for yet another whiz-bang computer nerd whose whole job is to magically fill in plot holes the 'scriptwriters' couldn't figure out.
These included creative directors, market researchers, 'scriptwriters' and storyboard artists.
It took over a year-and-a-half of research and 'scriptwriting' .
Did the 'scriptwriters' think, ‘Oh, we can just make it funny later?’
And its recent past is not fraught with the kind of conflicts that 'scriptwriters' drool over.
She did all the 'scriptwriting' , filming, sound, lighting, direction herself.
Sometimes, the creative process of 'scriptwriting' takes place quite close to the actual film production time.
She graduates high school at the beginning of the film, so either she's been driving without a license, or the 'scriptwriters' weren't paying attention.
He talks about all facets of making the movie, from 'scriptwriting' , to filming on location in Hollywood, to editing the movie to give the stars the exposure they deserve.
And then, this meeting between Australian 'scriptwriters' and funding bodies, which took place last year, comes to mind.
Warfare, whether small-scale or large-scale, does not follow neat timelines nor obey the sensibilities of 'scriptwriters' .
From what is cinematically a great central idea, the 'scriptwriters' don't half strangle the film's potential, eliminating any shade between the bad and good guys.
By this stage, the 'scriptwriters' are into their fourteenth magic mushroom, as the plot ricochets between schizophrenia and plain stoopid.
The production values are much improved, with good direction, 'scriptwriting' , and acting all the way.
In that sense, you obviously worked closely with 'scriptwriters' , etc.
American 'scriptwriters' , too, simply dwarf even the best French writers.
Directors, 'scriptwriters' , cinematographers, set designers and the rest had to make hard decisions - to work with the enemy, or not work at all.
I covered myself a little bit when we were 'scriptwriting' because unlike the 1933 film I had several of our principal characters actually falling to the bottom of the ravine.
There is a rule of thumb amongst movie buffs: the more 'scriptwriters' the worse the picture.
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