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sculptural decoration
of, relating to, or resembling sculpture.
translation of 'sculptural'
The roots of penjing plants often rise in 'sculptural' shapes above the stones.
Daniel Arts Center takes the regional agrarian buildings as a starting point and then pushes the form into the 'sculptural' realm.
The project successfully integrates ecological ambitions with the design of architectural and 'sculptural' elements.
Available in fabric and leather, the 'sculptural' form invites users to adopt a number of comfortable seating positions.
To be constructed in later phases, the partly subterranean concourse, 'sculptural' in form and carefully illuminated, would create a natural linking device on axis with the centre of the Lanyon building.
Neutelings Reidijk's architecture, expressed in a tough industrial vocabulary, has a 'sculptural' and, at times, theatrical intensity.
In parallel with the design process, thoughts naturally turned to the proposed method of how physically to cast the highly 'sculptural' forms that had been created.
These extras include the very things that define the art of architecture; a new concept, light and space dynamics, ornament and structural expression, 'sculptural' gesture, and innovation.
Foyers, auditorium and flytower are all enclosed in a single 'sculptural' form, like an upturned hull, running west-east across the main north-south grain of the building.
The farmer comes off very 'sculptural' , like an amber statue in the field.
Shaped like the letter C, this innovative 'sculptural' seat allows the occupant to sit forwards, backwards and sideways, depending on use.
‘We had to jump through hoops to make it work,’ says Harrow, ‘but we wanted the focus to be this 'sculptural' piece, with the room as just a back-drop.’
Over the two sessions the similarities and differences between architectural and 'sculptural' practice coalesced around three essential themes.
The building's metal skin looks like the shining surface of a jet, yet it ripples and floats in 'sculptural' freedom.
The Nations Wall, a 'sculptural' 250m structure made of tubular steel, is designed to move mechanically in a wave-like motion.
The masts add structural and 'sculptural' bravura to the rather staid skyline, a gesture - as in some of Richard Rogers' works - of futuristic optimism.
They share many qualities - such as sustainability, 'sculptural' form, and community participation in their conception - now valued in Western architectural thinking.
Restless inventive energy underlies design of his extraordinary 'sculptural' clothes (requiring the most ingenious cutting) for his own fashion house and for Givenchy, where he is chief designer.
Within what is essentially an office building, Schultes has created 'sculptural' scenography out of interstitial space.
The tallest of five office towers, at 80 stories, overlooks the open space and has an antenna or 'sculptural' top to mark the skyline.
Characteristically, there are no attempts to work out the anatomical details but what is attempted is a whole, integral form that does not resolve either notionally or 'sculpturally' into complex entities.
These allowed him to create an art at once lyric and dramatic, pictorially rich and 'sculpturally' solid.
It's a music that's both architecturally engineered and 'sculpturally' shaped, a brilliant sonic artifact that draws equal strengths from the human heart and the scientific mind.
Body parts, joints, and posture, all visible from a distance on the dance ground, are 'sculpturally' emphasized over facial features, as the bulbous knees of one figure prominently demonstrate.
The brain 'sculpturally' rendered was the basic element in The Sum of All Fears.
They are 'sculpturally' appealing, have eye-catching colors and great graphics on the packaging.
Gandhi's portrait features at NGMA permanent sculptural exhibition
Sculptural exhibition inspired from Nietzsche opens
G. Ravinder Reddy's first sculptural solo in Kolkata
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