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मालूम होता है
a seemingly competent and well-organized person
so as to give the impression of having a certain quality; apparently.
translation of 'seemingly'
बाहर से,
प्रकट रूप में,
जाहिरा तौर पर
मालूम होता है,
यथोचित रूप से,
उचित रूप में,
प्रतीत होता है
Tiny took us along the 'seemingly' endless corridors to the gate at the end and he opened it for us.
The council also provide a 'seemingly' endless programme of free festivals and firework displays.
Its attempts to reduce the waiting list has become a 'seemingly' endless saga.
a 'seemingly' competent and well-organized person
What lay outside the walls was a 'seemingly' endless view of woodland and rolling hilltops.
His eureka moment came during one of the 'seemingly' endless group sessions.
The death of this one figure merited endless comment from, 'seemingly' , every columnist.
The list of top sportspeople to grace Glasgow events is 'seemingly' endless.
Gala's plight has not been helped by a 'seemingly' endless rotation of coaches.
He had spun and twisted until the perspiration poured from him in a 'seemingly' endless stream.
Other than the odd tuft of sea grass, we were surrounded by 'seemingly' endless sand.
Allies insist that the professor will take the 'seemingly' impossible job of leading Italy in his stride.
You've used them to take photos, make movies and listen to 'seemingly' endless gigabytes of music.
With a novel, that can take a lot of 'seemingly' endless waiting, but the risk is worth it.
We were inundated with new products in a 'seemingly' endless cavalcade of astonishing innovations.
According to local estate agents even a little change 'seemingly' goes a long way.
She lived on the top of a hill in the middle of a 'seemingly' endless field of soybeans.
it's touch and go, 'seemingly', and she's asking for you
Despite 'seemingly' endless supplies of ball, Currie were unable to add to their tally after the break.
Indeed, there is a 'seemingly' endless list of other ways they could earn a living.
it's touch-and-go, 'seemingly', and she's asking for you
The photo finish, the 'seemingly' endless pause and then the euphoria simply made it all the more memorable.
This year it also finds the country in the leaden grip of a 'seemingly' endless process of mourning.
a 'seemingly' competent and well-organized person
The grief his parents felt soon turned to anger at the 'seemingly' endless wait for answers.
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