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I agree with your sentiments regarding the road bridge
a view of or attitude toward a situation or event; an opinion.
an intense sentiment of horror
a feeling or emotion.
translation of 'sentiment'
many of the appeals rely on treacly 'sentiment'
Poor 'sentiment' towards the technology sector was also blamed for the lacklustre performance.
‘It wasn't 'sentiment' or family loyalty that made him join, I don't think,’ she reflects.
Unfortunately I think the American military establishment seems largely impervious to overwhelming American 'sentiment' against the war.
I've just given my new stylus a go and listened to this, for the first time in a while - call it nostalgia or 'sentiment' , but it's hard to pick out one bad cut on this.
But it is not just nostalgic 'sentiment' which is evoked by railway history in the area.
Market 'sentiment' seems to be relatively optimistic about the outlook for the US economy.
Slowly Yugoslavia fell apart as secessionist 'sentiment' grew.
By ignoring or removing either 'sentiment' (hate or love) is how so much design work becomes mediocre.
The threat of violence nearly overwhelms any 'sentiment' or tenderness.
It would seem impossible to do this without drowning in 'sentiment' , or exaggerating a delight in Beverly Hills excess.
It would have been all too easy for her to have played this book for 'sentiment' and shocked social justice; her tone is blunt and unlaboured.
I agree with the 'sentiment' regarding having a single armed female deputy on escort duty with a well-muscled male prisoner.
The potent rise of anti-US nationalist 'sentiment' in both South and North Korea is apparently invisible in Washington.
the council sought steps to control the rise of racist 'sentiment'
It's the result of a wider 'sentiment' of fear in the community, brought about by our failure to satisfactorily tackle the misunderstandings and myths we have about each other.
Reflecting the broad 'sentiment' against war, students participated from across the city.
I think that the general 'sentiment' at the moment is focused on what transpires this week in the Organization of American States, in Washington and then in Canada.
Freedom was an emotion, a 'sentiment' , a madness - something which your generation will find hard to understand.
They really react to the 'sentiment' and the emotion.
They believed that Allied weakness in south east Asia and American isolationist 'sentiment' would mean another short war.
the council sought steps to control the rise of racist 'sentiment'
It may be very American and dripping with 'sentiment' but thanks to Quaid and a quality cast, The Rookie has a grace and sincerity that makes you willing to indulge its flaws.
This is not to reduce Christmas to mood or 'sentiment' .
The report, which would often be cited by journalists and activists, fanned anti-American 'sentiment' around the world.
an intense 'sentiment' of horror
Despite popular antiwar 'sentiment' , the government has increased the number of British troops stationed in Iraq.
If they grow jaded, grow bored, or simply prefer 'sentiment' and nostalgia to active participation, the last avenue of escape is closed.
Fear was again a 'sentiment' that accompanied Jose and his friends.
Their back-up teams might be more prone to nostalgia and 'sentiment' , especially those who have honed their tallying skills over many the long count.
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