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कठोरता से
our business has been severely affected by the slowdown
to an undesirably great or intense degree.
the culprits will be severely punished
strictly or harshly.
translation of 'severely'
अति संयम से,
निष्ठुरता से
प्रचंडता से,
ज़ोर से,
सूक्ष्मता से,
निर्दय रूप में,
निर्दयता से,
कठोरता से,
Censorship has occurred most often in periods of conflict and, in some, 'severely' .
her hair was 'severely' pulled back into a bun
the culprits will be 'severely' punished
our business has been 'severely' affected by the slowdown
the culprits will be 'severely' punished
'severely' injured patients
He was immediately captured by hostile forces and taken to a prison camp where he was interrogated and 'severely' tortured.
But you should know that I do disapprove of your behavior most 'severely' ! "
Instead, multiple undifferentiated germ cells appear in the 'severely' truncated ovarioles.
Government moves towards a free market in agricultural produce has resulted in lower prices, 'severely' impacting upon the incentives of farmers.
Subsequent cases of academic dishonesty will be dealt with quite 'severely' .
In fact some poor continued on out-relief at a 'severely' reduced rate.
It is also expected that a bill 'severely' restricting the local media, especially in the area of voter education, will be introduced.
“I hope you're not trying to steal my girlfriend,” I said 'severely'
Leave has been granted where, for example, a local authority is seeking authorization for medical treatment of a 'severely' anorexic child in care.
our business has been 'severely' affected by the slowdown
The basis of their ire is 'severely' depleted groundwater.
The film suffers from naturalistic excesses, at times 'severely' .
Anyone expecting the dramatic growth seen in the past decade will be 'severely' disappointed.
Advanced trauma life support is the standard method for the initial management of 'severely' injured patients.
The implementation stage of the fair value scheme has been 'severely' criticised.
Any violation is forbidden and punished 'severely' if the hierarchy has the capability to defend its reign.
In the last dry years underground water supplies have 'severely' diminished.
And there are reasons for criticizing 'severely' the government for Israel for not themselves conducting such a search and rescue operation.
Just as crimes are 'severely' punished, statues of virtuous men, set in marketplaces, publicly honor good deeds.
'severely' injured patients
By the age of 100,000 years, the agreement between the two techniques was 'severely' compromised.
her hair was 'severely' pulled back into a bun
The team that has already been 'severely' punished by FIA earlier this year, also seems to be safe for now.
'I hope you're not trying to steal my girlfriend,' I said 'severely'
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