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the boat ground to a halt where the water shallowed
(of the sea, a lake, or a river) become less deep over time or in a particular place.
To see for yourself, inspect the shallows at a pond or pool where the water is clear but also sports some vegetation.
an area of the sea, a lake, or a river where the water is not very deep.
serve the noodles in a shallow bowl
of little depth.
translation of 'shallow'
उथला हो जाना
मछलियों के टिकाव की जगह,
छिछले जल का तल,
छिछले पानी की जगह
I got to know her pretty well and realized that she wasn't really 'shallow' .
His breathing quickened, his breaths 'shallow' and shaky, as if each one might be his last.
The next minute his partner's heart was racing, his breathing was 'shallow' , and he wouldn't respond to anything Jim said, or shouted.
There was no reply save for the whelpling's 'shallow' breathing.
She was supposed to be the one who wasn't 'shallow' and who wasn't concerned with ‘status’ and such.
Her roof has the same 'shallow' hip but is turned up like a basin with a butterfly profile.
Each pair of gloves is mounted in a 'shallow' pine box lined with beaded and embroidered wedding fabric and fitted with a lid that has an oval cutout.
Soon, she could hear the 'shallow' breathing of people.
We swam to the shore and in every 'shallow' we stopped.
Evenly broadcast the seeds over an area of the bed or sprinkle them in a 'shallow' furrow.
His eyes were closed and his breathing was 'shallow' .
Jewel's breathing was 'shallow' as she held back tears.
Her breathing is 'shallow' as she tries to keep from crying.
That night he made his way out of town and bedded down on the edge of a 'shallow' gully.
She'd looked terribly pale and her breathing was very 'shallow' .
He paused abruptly and David opened his eyes slowly; lowering his arms down, he listened to the man's 'shallow' breathing as he muttered something barely audible.
Long, 'shallow' cuts lined her cheeks and forehead, and at one or two places, there were deep gouges.
However theologically 'shallow' it may be, however, there was a definite thought and reasoning behind it.
The den was situated at the top of a 'shallow' hill.
I was pressed up against him and my breathing was 'shallow' .
Your friends think I'm just that 'shallow' , because they don't see it and I let them.
Roll the pastry into a large rectangle and line a 'shallow' baking tray.
He also happened to be rather handsome, but I wasn't that 'shallow' .
The errors are patent and they are explicable by what we say is a rather 'shallow' analysis of the admissible value of those utterances in the record of interview.
For the custard, preheat the oven to 300 degrees and line a 'shallow' baking pan with plastic wrap.
He was speeding south over flat plains, 'shallow' rivers, lines of trees and teeny signs of civilization.
I know my sister isn't gullible or dumb, so this fact only served to prove to me how 'shallow' she is.
Tara resented the implication that she would be that 'shallow' .
They have created roughly parallel blocks flanked by 'shallow' canals that are actually slightly above harbour level.
Kate quickly pulled out a 'shallow' chest from beneath her bed and dumped the contents onto the floor.
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