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This type of rifle has proven surprisingly popular with regular shooters as well.
a person who uses a gun either regularly or on a particular occasion.
The game became a battle of tight defence over all court positions with immense pressure being applied to the goal shooters of both teams.
a member of a team in games such as basketball whose role is to attempt to score goals.
translation of 'shooter'
फेंकने या चलाने का हथियार,
गोली चलाने वाला,
तीर मारने वाला
गोली चलानेवाला
The 'shooter' was a former office employee who was fired about a year ago.
Otherwise, the come-out roll becomes the point and you are gambling on whether the 'shooter' will subsequently throw the point or a seven first.
I was an excellent 'shooter' in netball and a pretty cool volleyball player.
But today's 'shooter' has a lot more choices than I did as a kid.
Not the most reliable 'shooter' in the world, but he can get hot.
Most players wager with the 'shooter' and with the dice.
Not much of a 'shooter' , he scores about 10 points less per game then his predecessor used to.
My question is how do you get the ball down the court into the 'shooter' 's hands.
Will she move the salt shaker three inches from its starting point after dousing her filthy hand for a tequila 'shooter' ?
the 'shooter' fires at a rabbit
Would you rather put your money, or increase your bet on a 'shooter' who throws at random, or one with at least a modicum of control?
He's also 6 foot 10 and the best pure 'shooter' in the league.
Then, in the same five-second span, the 'shooter' fires three shots.
He's arguably the game's best pure jump 'shooter' .
If you're unsure about the 'shooter' , take all your bets down after any one hit.
a revolver in a broad range of calibres to meet the needs of every 'shooter'
The poorly run workout offered up the opportunity to watch a 'shooter' shoot baskets and little else.
The whole point of regression systems is to place your biggest bets at the beginning of a 'shooter' 's roll, and your smallest bets at the end.
The 'shooter' rolls a pair of dice, and if they come up with a total of seven or eleven, he wins;
the visiting 'shooter' hit excellent form during the second quarter
geez, he could use a 'shooter' of whiskey
he asks what I have in my carrier bag and I tell him it's a 'shooter'
While perusing the menu, Ritchie offered us an Elvis drink, a vodka and grape drink 'shooter' .
If the ball goes out of bounds, then the 'shooter' 's team retains possession, so what was gained?
The ball should bounce back to the 'shooter' 's hands as the left foot is being planted.
geez, he could use a 'shooter' of whiskey
It's a 'shooter' that consists of vodka and red grapefruit juice and tastes pretty good.
But his shooting range is limited and he is below average as a free-throw 'shooter' .
Doug Koenig has the best all-around record of any competitive pistol 'shooter' .
Within moments, a police officer on duty fired from the floor of the Council chamber at the 'shooter' in the balcony.
US shooter has not traced
Patna jeweller's shooter arrested
Heena, Gurpreet win gold as Indian shooters dominate SAG
Shooter Pooja misses out on World Cup medal
Shooter Jitu finishes fifth in 10m Air pistol
Shooter Kodhy finishes 18th in 50m Rifle three position
Trap shooter Kynan confirmed for Rio Olympics
Women shooters take bronze at junior World Cup
Shooters finish fourth at Junior World Cup
Indian shooters fizzle out at World Cup
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