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इस कमी
they are facing an expected $10 billion shortfall in revenue
a deficit of something required or expected.
translation of 'shortfall'
कमी होना
We have now been told by our insurer that a 'shortfall' is likely and we were not warned at the outset.
The city centre manager told us it was all to do with a staff 'shortfall' .
I have been warned to expect a significant 'shortfall' on my mortgage endowment.
They said another factor contributing to the patient pile-up is a staff 'shortfall' .
If you have a problem in making up the extra cash needed to cover the possible 'shortfall' , don't just do nothing.
Among the problems he correctly identifies is the 'shortfall' in qualified staff in the NHS.
they are facing an expected $10 billion 'shortfall' in revenue
they are facing an expected $10 billion 'shortfall' in revenue
If your investment performs badly you could face a 'shortfall' at the end of the mortgage term.
The group may be forced to bridge the 'shortfall' by selling some of its assets or securing more debt.
I am not worried on a personal level but I do think that there will be a huge 'shortfall' throughout the country.
You could keep the policy going and look at other alternatives to repay the remaining 'shortfall' .
If bus operators no longer receive this money they will be forced to find ways to make up the 'shortfall' in income.
It's been hard to miss the various headlines about 'shortfalls' in endowment mortgages over the last few days.
This resulted in serious 'shortfalls' in the projected revenue stream.
Millions are facing 'shortfalls' on their endowments, an investment product sold heavily in the 1980s.
It all adds up to bigger and bigger revenue 'shortfalls' and the need for more and more spending cuts.
Pensions organisations have warned that many people could face 'shortfalls' in their pensions.
Supply 'shortfalls' could plague China for at least two more years, Liang believes.
However, this view of overseas property agencies is the reason for many of the 'shortfalls' in the industry.
Maize 'shortfalls' are also projected for Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.
After all, the current 'shortfalls' stem in part from companies trying to get by with paying less.
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