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Bulgaria is a signatory to a variety of international human rights conventions
a party that has signed an agreement, especially a country that has signed a treaty.
translation of 'signatory'
हस्ताक्षर किया हुआ,
दस्तख़त किया हुआ
the 'signatory' states
the 'signatory' states
All the 'signatory' countries will have to abide by the rules.
Australia was a 'signatory' to the original agreement and has taken an active role in negotiations since that time.
Britain is a 'signatory' to the convention
Bulgaria is a 'signatory' to a variety of international human rights conventions
In our programs, an explicit contract is signed, and we are always a 'signatory' .
Wilson was to become a 'signatory' of the Declaration of Independence and one of the finest legal minds in the new Republic.
the 1951 Convention 'signatory' countries
India has refused to be a 'signatory' to the agreements, calling them discriminatory.
The 'signatories' committed themselves to taking ‘necessary action’ to aid any member facing attack.
Treaty 'signatories' also undertake not to dump or allow other states to dump radioactive materials or wastes in the zone of coverage.
Trade sanctions provide a means of encouraging participation in agreements and penalizing 'signatories' that step out of line.
Who among the list of 'signatories' will be responsible for implementing your strategy?
Many of the original mesmerists were 'signatories' to the first declarations proclaiming the French revolution in 1789.
Counsel advised that not all of the defendants are 'signatories' to the agreement.
The agreement also required the 'signatories' to establish a joint team to monitor the pond preservation and recovery program.
With 141 countries ratified, and another nine as 'signatories' to the treaty, great progress has been made.
Discussions in London this week could end up with 'signatories' committing themselves to a new measures to ensure that ships entering ports are safe.
The Contract was simple, clear, and its 'signatories' promised to abide by its terms regardless of who controlled Congress.
The three countries are 'signatories' to an international treaty to protect refugees and have a duty to live up to it, she said.
Almost all the 'signatories' to the treaty are going to miss their targets.
Another key to successful agreements and treaties is the capacity of 'signatories' to meet the terms of the agreement.
Killing, harming or trading in the animal is illegal worldwide, with more than 160 countries being 'signatories' to the treaty.
In return, the 182 non-nuclear armed 'signatories' to the treaty pledged to never acquire nuclear arms.
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