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for the sake of simplicity, this chapter will concentrate on one theory
the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.
translation of 'simplicity '
I snapped a few images of Evan's crib because his parents marveled at its 'simplicity' and design.
The current design stresses speed and 'simplicity' but it's become very cluttered over the years.
The obtained data are particularly convincing by virtue of the bioscope's 'simplicity' in design.
The design was created for 'simplicity' and ruggedness and the main structure was all metal.
The effects at the population level, for the sake of 'simplicity' , are assessed in arthropods.
By sacrificing 'simplicity' and clarity they can avoid responsibility and accountability.
As with other fashion accessories, opt for 'simplicity' when selecting your winter hat.
Its very 'simplicity' and directness has always made Islam a religion with great appeal.
For purposes of 'simplicity' and coherence, we tell this story as a chronological account constructed in terms of our toolkit ideas.
Clarity, 'simplicity' , honesty and trust are at the heart of what the business is going to be about.
Refinement and sensibility as well as 'simplicity' are still the best standards of web design!
The joy of opposition is its 'simplicity' ; Ukrainians understood what we opposed and stood side by side with us.
They range from lovely, understated elegance and 'simplicity' to wild extravagance.
The 'simplicity' of the design allows for quick and easy set up anywhere around town where concrete exists.
The final design emphasizes its 'simplicity' , heavily relying on upstage lighting technique and set movement.
On a micro level, 'simplicity' in design presents the audience with only the most relevant information.
That's an unending quest - to understand how the 'simplicity' led to complexity.
The judging panel was very impressed by the overall layout and 'simplicity' of the design of their advert.
for the sake of 'simplicity', this chapter will concentrate upon one theory
We've tried to keep to some of the basic color scheme and, I hope, the relative 'simplicity' of the design.
the grandeur and 'simplicity' of Roman architecture
the grandeur and 'simplicity' of Roman architecture
Part, but by no means all, of the attractiveness of the assimilationist ideal is its clarity and 'simplicity' .
The 'simplicity' of her designs here, the aura of unforced beauty truly took them to the next level.
The shortest of the books under review, it has the merits of concision, clarity, and 'simplicity' .
Google understands that 'simplicity' is both sacred and central to its competitive advantage.
Their high energy and 'simplicity' make them easy to absorb and enjoy, but also bring them to the brink of monotony.
They hunger for the riches of our faith presented with directness, 'simplicity' , and truth.
The store has an overriding accent on 'simplicity' of design and ease of shopping for the customers.
for the sake of 'simplicity', this chapter will concentrate on one theory
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