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गति कम करो
a traffic slowdown in the passing lane
an act of slowing down.
translation of 'slowdown'
सुस्त होना,
Sungkar added that the 'slowdown' in tourism in Batam had made a negative impact on the island's economy.
There had been growth of five percent of GDP for four years, in spite of the worldwide 'slowdown' .
a traffic 'slowdown' in the passing lane
John Fogarty doesn't see a 'slowdown' in the demand for housing on the horizon.
This time last year fears abounded of a 'slowdown' in global growth.
Now even the strong global economy which 10 years ago promised to save the planet is stuttering to a 'slowdown' .
The 'slowdown' thus far is modest, managing only to stem the rate of increase.
There has been a world 'slowdown' in demand, excess production capacity and falling sales prices.
All of us are concerned about the 'slowdown' in development of infrastructure.
As long as disposable income grows and house prices don't fall in absolute terms, this should be an orderly 'slowdown' .
As a consequence, expect a 'slowdown' in posting for a while, unless Seldo picks up the slack.
If animal experimentation were stopped, the 'slowdown' in medical research would be real and the cost would be high.
So what is it that is largely responsible for the 'slowdown' in the UK?
Confirmation that the German 'slowdown' is impacting on the labour market quickly followed.
Mr Power said the significant 'slowdown' in the rate of increase in prices is good news for the Irish economy.
The tight fiscal situation will severely restrict how much action the government can take to counteract a 'slowdown' .
The overall billings of most agencies have increased rather than decreased after the 'slowdown' .
Probably this time, a great 'slowdown' on anything that smells of neoliberalism.
Experts are most concerned about the 'slowdown' in bookings by tourists from overseas and around Britain.
However, the group is anticipating an expected 'slowdown' in continental Europe.
That's not to say that Chinese companies have not taken a battering because of the global 'slowdown' .
Fogged-up windscreens should result in a major 'slowdown' by a driver.
At the same time, in anticipation of a 'slowdown' , businesses retrench and through their actions they produce one.
If as expected interest rates stay stable over the next couple of years there will be an inevitable 'slowdown' in the housing market.
The Executive blamed the US 'slowdown' and the shake-out in global electronics.
a traffic 'slowdown' in the passing lane
the 'slowdown' in the economy
It does mean that as the volume of data over the internet soars, filters cause a general 'slowdown' .
companies reacted to early signs of 'slowdown' with cuts in production
Wong expects to see a 'slowdown' in the second quarter, as the market enters into a consolidation period.
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