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he's spearheading a campaign to reduce the number of accidents at work
lead (an attack or movement).
Soon it was literally raining spearheads on the assassin.
the point of a spear.
translation of 'spearhead'
मुख्य शक्ति,
पहल करनेवाला,
They are soon to be attacked by a 'spearhead' of warriors from enemy tribes and she is swimming for reinforcements.
His body spun round in the air gracefully and he brought the 'spearhead' round quickly.
It was a curious design, like a shortened, blunt 'spearhead' hung upside down.
she became the 'spearhead' of a health education programme
The 'spearhead' of the force was a mixture of exiles and drafted French prisoners.
The 'spearhead' of opposition was the Board of Transportation.
she became the 'spearhead' of a health education program
The Society became the 'spearhead' of the Counter-Reformation, though originally intended as a missionary order.
From the top, a long, razor-sharp, 'spearhead' fired and clicked into place.
The current 'spearhead' of musical extremism can be found in the metal scene..
Now this generation has seen the 'spearhead' of reforms since 1998.
Our society holds up invention as the 'spearhead' of progress.
We're going to penetrate the 'spearhead' and take on the command center.
There are plenty of complaints in the UK 'spearheaded' by the Electoral Reform Society.
In 1891, family and friends 'spearheaded' a restoration campaign for Chasseriau's frescos.
The group 'spearheaded' a massive search effort for Peggy.
She is not 'spearheading' a literary revolution.
Dom Phillips meets the brash young star who is 'spearheading' a whole new type of music
In August, he 'spearheaded' the Chinese national team in the Olympics.
It 'spearheaded' conferences about interface design and business-design case studies.
He has done considerable work in 'spearheading' the party's bid to get back into power after the next general election.
His firm was part of a team that was 'spearheading' business networking in the Southern African Development Community region.
Soon it was literally raining 'spearheads' on the assassin.
The attorney general has 'spearheaded' this effort.
A sharp upturn in the housing market is 'spearheading' the urban recovery.
He and five others are 'spearheading' our research.
Mr Nzowa commended the private sector for 'spearheading' the project.
Shakily their 'spearheads' faced the forest as gradually a low pounding noise grew.
Now, several dozen 'spearheads' were poked into their faces and ready to skewer the two if need be.
This move is 'spearheaded' by Ms Wilson.
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