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there has been widespread speculation that he plans to quit
the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.
the company's move into property speculation
investment in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss.
translation of 'speculation'
The profitability of the trade has given rise to 'speculation' that money from wildlife is financing terrorist activities.
The Prime Minister's press chief returned from Washington yesterday amid unprecedented 'speculation' he was going to resign.
this is pure 'speculation' on my part
Right now, because we lack good empirical research, we must rely mainly on 'speculation' .
Playing down 'speculation' about his replacement, he said that political intrigue was not new to him.
There is 'speculation' about a rise of rightwing extremism.
the company's move into property 'speculation'
The pair were engrossed in conversation for more than an hour, fuelling 'speculation' the overworked minister had unwisely opened her heart to a political opponent.
Soon, all of the jobs go to countries that have not yet discovered the ' something for nothing ' world of real estate 'speculation' .
There has long been 'speculation' that excessive accumulation of starch may impair chloroplast function.
there has been widespread 'speculation' that he plans to quit
His poor health has been a subject of 'speculation' for decades, with experts analyzing his every public appearance.
this is pure 'speculation' on my part
In recent months, there has been 'speculation' that the SDLP should merge with Fianna Fáil or Labour.
The Chancellor's ninth Budget will inevitably reignite 'speculation' that it could be his last.
the company's move into property 'speculation'
Savings must become the driving force behind sound investment, replacing the current mess commanded by financial credit and endemic 'speculation' .
Into this vacuum of information came the very worst kind of 'speculation' , the most extreme of views.
The fate of European companies may be determined in a split of a second through 'speculation' on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
These dollars, borrowed dollars, then go into the U.S. market to add to 'speculation' , financial speculation on the U.S. financial markets.
there has been widespread 'speculation' that he plans to quit
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