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there has been a spillover into public schools of the ethos of private schools
an instance of overflowing or spreading into another area.
translation of 'spillover'
पिछ्ला जमा स्टाक
the 'spillover' effect of the quarrel
the village was a 'spillover' from a neighbouring, larger village
the village was a 'spillover' from a neighboring, larger village
The discoveries made will also have important 'spillover' benefits in diagnosing and treating other diseases.
And, ominously, it includes use of chemical weapons without regard for their 'spillover' effect on the enemy's own troops and civilians.
By contrast, secure individuals were likely to experience a positive 'spillover' of satisfaction at home to the workplace, as well as in the opposite direction.
However, the 'spillover' or transmission of emotions from one setting to another provides a useful conceptual lens for examining and measuring these work-family linkages.
the 'spillover' effect of the quarrel
there has been a 'spillover' into state schools of the ethos of independent schools
That's why, even though the inventory correction directly affects just a small segment of the economy, it has large 'spillover' effects.
This 'spillover' effect can lead to the creation of standards within an industry.
A wide range of conventional weapons were introduced into Afghanistan, and their 'spillover' into neighbouring Pakistan was cynically labelled as the growth of the ‘Kalashnikov culture.’
The 1999 war in Angola had 'spillover' effects on Namibia, showing how conflict in one state can influence its neighbors.
The Americanisation of the world often seems to result from a reaction to external events or a 'spillover' of domestic forces rather than a projection of power and political will.
Governments, through regulations, laws, and international treaties, have mandated procedures such as customs requirements that have 'spillover' effects that may improve security.
What we object to is the 'spillover' into the ordinary criminal-justice system.
French doors open from the dining room, which is convenient for handling the 'spillover' from holiday gatherings.
In the next two months, the 14 patients at the unit will be turfed out to make room for the 'spillover' from the overcrowded St Joseph's general hospital in the South Tipperary town.
Inflate today and the consequences (as we are witnessing) will be, first and foremost, rising asset prices, with only 'spillover' effects for goods, services and labor markets.
The Japanese economy is in a prolonged slump, owing mostly to fragility in its financial sector and to 'spillover' effects of the Asian financial crisis.
At present they are not charged for the 'spillover' into the Irish market.
However, this time, the 'spillover' washed over all aspects of pop culture, spreading far and wide from the hardcore fan base.
Last night, two people overnighted in accident and emergency and on Sunday, there was a 'spillover' of 12 there.
New to this list is Phoenix, which more than doubled its Hispanic population over the 1990s - thanks to direct immigration and a 'spillover' from California.
This role, by necessity, has a 'spillover' effect into budgetary and evaluation concerns.
The disaster will also have 'spillover' effects in the short term on other countries in the region and on related industries such as airlines.
The 'spillover' economic benefits of reunification also have a political payoff, integrating the countries of the region in a set of cooperative commercial relationships.
That is, attendance at university makes you smarter, and thus has 'spillover' effects that are good.
Tent camps sprang up around the city to take the 'spillover' from hotels.
All three are concerned about the potential 'spillover' of unrest from Central Asia across their borders.
G-20 must act to minimize spillover effects of global risks: India
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