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She claimed to be Clotho, the spinner of the thread of life!
a person occupied in making thread by spinning.
a person or thing that spins.
translation of 'spinner'
सूत कातनेवाला,
सूत कातने की मशीन
In an attempt to overcome cooling problems, Steve completely removed the 'spinner' for the 1939 event, allowing air to ram straight into the radiator.
Naturally, we get a purple jumbo jet with 84-inch 'spinner' rims.
With all the anti-ice and de-ice equipment on, we still had a slight layer of ice on the leading edges and propeller 'spinner' .
Now registered R260Y / Race 52, there had not been time to finish a 'spinner' for the propeller hub.
He spun his stick around in his fingers like a 'spinner' would with thread.
A new and much improved cowling was built for the Menasco while a hand-formed aluminum 'spinner' was added over the propeller hub.
She claimed to be Clotho, the 'spinner' of the thread of life!
The river is generally slow and sluggish, the only reasonable chance of success being with a 'spinner' to give the lure some life.
Mary Daly is a 'spinner' and weaver, a performer, a wicked player throwing her life into the creation of new time.
Laurits saw a fish move in the river just under the water and directed Fleming where he should cast his 'spinner' .
The 'spinner' and weaver from Mayo, has the intense gaze of people marveling at the ease with which she spins her varied materials.
One fairly consistent rule, however, is to focus your eyes on a point far down the runway, say 15 to 30 degrees to the left or right of the 'spinner' .
The couple met while working at Bairstow's Mill, Sutton, where Ernest was an apprentice engineer and Gwen a 'spinner' .
The GPS led me by the 'spinner' toward the intercept, cued the turn onto the approach path and guided me as surely as a localizer toward the airport.
People kept asking Qadir why he was not helping his country produce a 'spinner' like him.
A reader asks if they link us with the days of the hand-loom weaver and the home 'spinner' ?
Oddly, there was a lack of a streamlining 'spinner' over the blunt propeller hub.
The plane was painted an overall yellow with a red 'spinner' .
The craft had a new 'spinner' and the rear fuselage was now built up and a new windshield and canopy were added.
When they talk about the 'spinner' more than his product, it is plainly time for him to go.
Idly I reeled the little 'spinner' through the blue-green water.
Check the 'spinner' mount screws to see if they're loose or if cracks are radiating from the holes.
The difference in the weight of the whorl, the degree of teasing and the skill of the 'spinner' dictated the quality of the thread.
Also, large four-blade paddle-style propellers had been added along with a set of 'spinners' that had been made for the prototypes and early production aircraft.
Working with the talented hand 'spinners' and weavers of Bangladesh was necessary to develop the collection.
Holes had been patched, the outer wing panels and horizontal tail replaced with new P - 38F spares, and new props and 'spinners' installed.
The propeller 'spinners' used by UAL were large hemispherical domes (not pointed) with a black porous coating of rubber.
The fortunes of the traditional coir yarn 'spinners' , mat weavers and carpet-makers have been on the downtrend.
We never could find a workable substitute for attaching the 'spinners' , however.
He used a Stanley 'spinnerbait' , according to a release from the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, in six feet of water.
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