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stolen cows were spirited away some distance to prevent detection
convey rapidly and secretly.
a spirited campaigner for women's rights
full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination.
he was a warmhearted, generous-spirited man
having a specified character, outlook on life, or mood.
translation of 'spirited'
The 'spirited' team were then presented with their cup after securing victory by the tightest of margins.
Their 'spirited' determination to proceed as normal was universally applauded.
True to her 'spirited' image, the bride proposed to the groom as he sped around a track in California.
Still the visitors pressed, but a 'spirited' start to the second half was soon stifled.
He liked helping them out and he thought Charlotte had such a 'spirited' character.
As it turns out, Alison is quite the 'spirited' child and is quite capable of damaging these men.
All three students agreed it was a lively, humorous, 'spirited' debate and a rewarding experience.
Shammies survived a 'spirited' attempt by the visitors to get back on level terms in the second half.
The 'spirited' mother's courage and love for her son lend the narrative warmth and dignity.
These engines guarantee 'spirited' driving fun, combined with low fuel consumption and emissions.
They're all 6 feet tall and in their sixties or seventies and they're 'spirited' and feisty.
They played an exciting and 'spirited' game but met with strong opposition.
For a split second, I marvelled at his 'spirited' attitude before it dawned on me that he was actually a tourist.
It would be nice to report that the visitors mounted a 'spirited' defence of their line from first to last, but that would be stretching the truth.
The real substance in the book is found in her 'spirited' emphasis on the importance of learning.
This 'spirited' and vivacious cricketer is a fighter, a towering all-rounder in the making.
The one real sign of life in the first half was a 'spirited' speech made by Colin Powell.
This has provoked a 'spirited' defence from surviving members of the design team.
The game was fast, the play 'spirited' and strong and neither side was prepared to give an inch of turf unchallenged.
Ballykelly took the points after a lively encounter against a 'spirited' Eadestown challenge.
But the human tendencies Nietzsche portrays as normative - 'spiritedness' , aggression, fierceness - would fail on scriptural and theological grounds to find moral favor among Christians.
Although the game had to be stopped due to a player suffering injury, Glaxo 'spiritedly' opted to carry on.
Her 'spiritedness' was much evoked by her friends.
Brio is what Peruvians call the willing, controllable 'spiritedness' that typifies the breed.
The poverty of the people is obvious, but at the same time a certain 'spiritedness' seems to survive.
Also, even though we cover everything, and have been quite 'spiritedly' political of late, we are perceived as a pop culture site, and a lot of bloggers don't see this as ‘serious.’
Beagles are inclined to play - if not roughly, rambunctiously - and their 'spiritedness' can may lead to accidental injuries to their playmates.
‘Well, I have six years in which to learn,’ she said 'spiritedly' .
The striker's selective use of statistics ignores three comprehensive defeats, and a difference in points the width of the North Sea, but he adds 'spiritedly' : ‘Of course we can lie down and die.’
Four points down in minutes, Mayo fought back 'spiritedly' to go ahead, but by half-time the power and guile of the Leinster men had put them ahead again.
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