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An athlete and sportsman , he played football (as a goalkeeper), skied and was an avid theatregoer, at one time he even considered becoming an actor.
a man who takes part in a sport, especially as a professional.
translation of 'sportsman'
शिकार, बंदूक चलाने या मछली मारने के खेलों मे रुचि रखने वाला पुरुष
As a young man, he had striven to prove himself physically as a 'sportsman' .
Perhaps because he had been a champion 'sportsman' in Europe, he idealised the athletic male body in his early sculptures.
Still, he has a knowing charm, a 'sportsman' 's physique and the gift of the gab.
A ‘gillie’, by the by, was originally an attendant on a Highland chief, but by the nineteenth century was a 'sportsman' 's attendant.
During the 1930s he spent time in Spain and Africa and resided in Key West, Florida, where he gained a reputation as a 'sportsman' and athlete.
His mother was a piano teacher, his father an official at a mine outside Johannesburg and a keen amateur 'sportsman' (becoming South African marathon champion, no less).
A different footballing culture, combined with a couple of ‘incidents’ that the Italians didn't find becoming of a professional 'sportsman' , led to his return to England.
Hemingway was a keen 'sportsman' but he was fond of blood sports.
He is now the highest-earning 'sportsman' in the world and is expected to become a billionaire - the first sports person to achieve this - within the next decade.
An athlete and 'sportsman' , he played football (as a goalkeeper), skied and was an avid theatregoer, at one time he even considered becoming an actor.
Smith also enjoyed the Hurricanes' recent trip to South Africa, it was much better being over there as a 'sportsman' rather than a tourist.
It might have been about having a choice between behaving like a 'sportsman' or behaving like a boor and doing the latter because it suited him at the time.
During his 16-year career as a professional 'sportsman' , Moran put his BComm from UCD and his accountancy qualification to good use.
A keen 'sportsman' , he plays tennis and golf, as well as being an enthusiastic canoeist and sailor.
Among the draperies and furniture upholstered in this redundancy of plaids are other tropes of the 'sportsman' 's lodge - chandeliers, racks of antlers, hunting prints framed in plaids.
Indeed, the interviews are very puffy, never once giving us real insight into the psyche and/or soul of a seasoned professional 'sportsman' .
he's a keen 'sportsman'
The dogs are a reminder that the three friends were also keen 'sportsmen' , and this journey would have provided them ample opportunities for indulgence.
Then I accept, confidant that the loser will act with the utmost dignified show of 'sportsmanship' .
The old adage of practice makes perfect applies here, that these 'sportsmen' who now play almost all year long must also practice more than ever before.
Susan soon extended her tiny hand across the board for a 'sportsmanlike' victory shake.
We assimilate the most profound values of our culture through play, and we learn excellence, humility, teamwork, and 'sportsmanship' .
For a lot of pro 'sportsmen' that kind of trauma can send them off the rails.
But being part of the program taught her even more about teamwork, social responsibility, and good 'sportsmanship' .
Afterwards, all the contenders did the 'sportsmanlike' thing and praised each other.
I have no objection to professional 'sportsmen' but I don't think they derive the same pleasure from their exertions as the people who play sport primarily for enjoyment.
To begin your marketing adventure, head West, where 32 percent of all zealous American outdoor 'sportsmen' live.
It's an outrageous act of poor 'sportsmanship' , which of course, makes for great comedy.
Ice tobogganing is another thrilling sport which only an élite of 'sportsmen' practise, although most of us have seen it on TV.
Despite being one of the best paid 'sportsmen' of a generation, he was declared bankrupt just one year after playing his last professional match.
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