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It proposed that high-level amateur sportspeople - such as inter-county GAA players - should be entitled to an annual tax credit of €2,000.
a sportsman or sportswoman (used as a neutral alternative).
Hence, the development of the professional 'sportsperson' .
Her other hurdle is one that haunts many an amateur 'sportsperson' seeking success.
Every 'sportsperson' and spectator owes the official a profound debt of gratitude, but instead we often greet them with jeers and personal abuse.
Pat from St Andrews International School has once again proven herself to be a great 'sportsperson' , as she recently received a special award from the prime minister.
This ‘activity modification’ may be quite straightforward for an amateur 'sportsperson' , who can lay off their game for a few weeks.
Before that I had been an avid 'sportsperson' and community worker.
This, he explains further, can be characterized as an ability to comprehend and negotiate cultural fields, comparable to a 'sportsperson' 's ‘feel for the game.’
Yet sports performance involves the whole person, and its complete study must take account not only of the body but also of the mind of the 'sportsperson' , and the societal aspects of the sport itself.
In foreign countries, 'sportspersons' take up rowing as a profession.
He reminds aspiring 'sportspeople' they need to get an education.
It proposed that high-level amateur 'sportspeople' - such as inter-county GAA players - should be entitled to an annual tax credit of €2,000.
It is this type of character which has become one of the hallmarks of our 'sportspersons' when competing on the international stage.
Other 'sportspeople' have been equally generous.
I think 'sportspeople' are more sensitive to it, to be honest.
But it's not just former 'sportspeople' powdering their noses.
The 'sportspeople' voted into the top three places have represented 20 different sports.
Was there any evidence about the extent to which sportspeople, not limited to elite 'sportspeople' , have access to sponsorships of one kind or another in modern sport?
We readily enjoy sharing the achievements of our 'sportspeople' ; we should likewise encourage the talent of our thinkers.
Once the Games started around 1,200 questionnaires were distributed among the 'sportspersons' for feedback.
Of course, the result of the Sports Personality Of The Year all depends on how 'sportspeople' do.
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