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Dual wooden staircases curved up towards the second floor that was less crowded.
a set of stairs and its surrounding walls or structure.
translation of 'staircase'
बलदार सीढ़ी
काठ की सीढ़ी
a mirrored 'staircase'
At the bottom of the 'staircase' , he stepped into a corridor lined with five doors on either side.
Her feet hardly touched the stairs as she gingerly crept up the 'staircase' coming to a pause on the landing.
She followed Mrs Noble up a wide 'staircase' and then a narrower set of stairs.
She looks everywhere and finally spots him sitting on the step of a 'staircase' .
he descended the broad 'staircase'
Walking up the old 'staircase' he managed to step over the creaking floorboard at the top without spilling any paper.
Mr Maher also expressed his concern about the state of a 'staircase' and stairwell.
she was on the 'staircase'
It was typically Scottish, with its dormer windows, wooden 'staircase' and whitewashed walls.
One of the main features is the red ebony solid timber in the 'staircase' and ground flooring.
The two retraced their steps back up the 'staircase' and up into the fresh sea air of the ship.
The ladder had been replaced with a 'staircase' made from the same wood from the floor.
Another identical newel post stood atop the 'staircase' on both sides defining the length.
A pair of marble 'staircases' sweeping up to the second floor greeted us as we entered the building.
The four impressive 'staircases' at the four outer corners of the structure lead to the first floor.
Some larger structured items such as 'staircases' can be difficult to install in a new situation, as floor to floor heights vary.
Two twin marble 'staircases' curved upwards, leading to the second floor.
Later didactic murals on town-hall 'staircases' and library walls tended to be executed on canvas and then stuck up, rather than laboriously painted in situ.
Dual wooden 'staircases' curved up towards the second floor that was less crowded.
Years of working as a master carpenter had sculpted his body as cleverly as he had sculpted the banisters on the 'staircases' in their home.
Despite having a gate it is important for parents to keep a close eye on children around 'staircases' .
She smiled then descended one of the 'staircases' that lined either side of the bridge and led to the exits.
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