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the traffic came to a standstill
a situation or condition in which there is no movement or activity at all.
translation of 'standstill'
the traffic came to a 'standstill'
He said there was pushing and shoving like a wheel slide as the train came to a 'standstill' , and the brakes kicked into action.
It is a fact to say that fuel is the engine of the economy and any slight jerk in its supply puts everything at a 'standstill' .
The Great London Smog blanketed the capital and brought it to a 'standstill' in December 1952.
That a relatively short-lived downpour can cause a city to come to a 'standstill' is a tragedy.
On match day traffic will come to a 'standstill' in a four-mile jam on the road as supporters travel to Old Trafford.
the traffic came to a 'standstill'
If the world ever went online, the Internet would be overwhelmed and come to a 'standstill' .
That apart, all flying and ground activities in the airfield have come to a 'standstill' .
Mr Perham said traffic would come to a 'standstill' as The Last Post was played in memory of the diggers.
Unless councillors of both councils do something quickly this lovely town of ours is going to come to a 'standstill' !
The city will come to a 'standstill' the next day when thousands march for the Stop the War Coalition.
While we conversed, the whole of Broadheath was brought to a 'standstill' .
For the economy not to slow to a near 'standstill' next year will require further cuts in interest rates by the MPC.
As he came to a 'standstill' at a stop sign at Acacia Park, two armed men appeared and jumped into his vehicle.
This had led to mass panic and commercial activities had come to almost a 'standstill' .
Traffic came to a 'standstill' for more than two hours on Monday night.
Rush hour traffic was brought to a 'standstill' today after a man was killed in an horrific crash on a busy North Yorkshire road.
During the war years much of the normal mathematical research activity at MIT came to a 'standstill' .
For three days traffic was banned from the streets, airports closed and business was forced to a 'standstill' .
A crash in Newport Street brought parts of Old Town to a 'standstill' yesterday lunchtime.
The relevance of football is a discussion for another day, but most of the country came to a 'standstill' during the game.
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Dalit protests bring Gujarat cities to standstill
Opposition protesters bring Armenia cities to standstill
Truckers' strike enters second day, northeast comes to 'standstill'
Governance in Kerala has come to standstill, says Congress
With rail travel at standstill, SCR staff come to licensed porters' aid
'Will ICC come to a standstill with every leak?'
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