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the traffic came to a standstill
a situation or condition in which there is no movement or activity at all.
translation of 'standstill'
the traffic came to a 'standstill'
He said there was pushing and shoving like a wheel slide as the train came to a 'standstill' , and the brakes kicked into action.
It is a fact to say that fuel is the engine of the economy and any slight jerk in its supply puts everything at a 'standstill' .
The Great London Smog blanketed the capital and brought it to a 'standstill' in December 1952.
That a relatively short-lived downpour can cause a city to come to a 'standstill' is a tragedy.
On match day traffic will come to a 'standstill' in a four-mile jam on the road as supporters travel to Old Trafford.
the traffic came to a 'standstill'
If the world ever went online, the Internet would be overwhelmed and come to a 'standstill' .
That apart, all flying and ground activities in the airfield have come to a 'standstill' .
Mr Perham said traffic would come to a 'standstill' as The Last Post was played in memory of the diggers.
Unless councillors of both councils do something quickly this lovely town of ours is going to come to a 'standstill' !
The city will come to a 'standstill' the next day when thousands march for the Stop the War Coalition.
While we conversed, the whole of Broadheath was brought to a 'standstill' .
For the economy not to slow to a near 'standstill' next year will require further cuts in interest rates by the MPC.
As he came to a 'standstill' at a stop sign at Acacia Park, two armed men appeared and jumped into his vehicle.
This had led to mass panic and commercial activities had come to almost a 'standstill' .
Traffic came to a 'standstill' for more than two hours on Monday night.
Rush hour traffic was brought to a 'standstill' today after a man was killed in an horrific crash on a busy North Yorkshire road.
During the war years much of the normal mathematical research activity at MIT came to a 'standstill' .
For three days traffic was banned from the streets, airports closed and business was forced to a 'standstill' .
A crash in Newport Street brought parts of Old Town to a 'standstill' yesterday lunchtime.
The relevance of football is a discussion for another day, but most of the country came to a 'standstill' during the game.
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