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राज्य का दर्जा
the transition from late colonialism to political statehood
the status of being a recognized independent nation.
translation of 'statehood'
a proposed referendum on 'statehood' for Puerto Rico
their aspirations for independent 'statehood' have been consistently frustrated
When World War I and the Russian revolution shattered the Habsburg and Russian empires, Ukrainians declared independent 'statehood' .
Ukrainian peasants turned inwards as centralized power broke down, yet their identification with the Ukrainian nation was strengthened as a result of independent 'statehood' .
Their aspirations for independent 'statehood' has been consistently frustrated since the days of the Ottoman Empire.
In fact, the labour movement was the major driving force in the struggle for 'statehood' and independence.
Texas became independent and later applied to the United States for 'statehood' .
Is nationality or 'statehood' a more profound contemporary concept than tradition?
Western Province leaders have given the Solomons Island government one year to recognise their 'statehood' , or they will declare independence.
The struggle to achieve 'statehood' for a given nation was the driving force behind nineteenth-century nationalism.
The notions of 'statehood' , community and national allegiances are all held up for examination, and he is especially scathing about the development of the British Empire.
The film is narrated against the backdrop of the tribal movement in the Jharkhand region in the 1980s demanding an identity for the community and claiming 'statehood' of their own.
Issues of national identity and 'statehood' shaped attitudes to common defence.
the transition from late colonialism to political 'statehood'
Modi greets Mizoram on statehood day
Mamata attacks Modi for 'supporting' Darjeeling, Cooch Behar statehood
Only parliament can pass Delhi statehood bill: BJP
Tripura tribals blockade rail, road routes over statehood
Referendum on Delhi statehood has no statutory backing: Experts
NE tribal groups ready to intensify statehood movement
'Court ruling on Delhi powers could trigger statehood process'
Kejriwal pitches for Delhi's full statehood
Bodo outfits to restart statehood movement on August 30
'Ignored' Bodos to intensify statehood agitation
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