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The animated series carried on the complex storylines of the graphic novel, but it proved too much for younger viewers.
the plot of a novel, play, movie, or other narrative form.
The single player game is broken down into stages that roughly adhere to the 'storyline' of the film.
The cast and crew remained tight-lipped about the 'storyline' and the characters of the film.
I loved the feel and presentation of this film as well as the actual 'storyline' itself.
The film's weakness lies in its 'storyline' , which is knotted with sub plots.
This continuation of the saga has provided me with an opportunity to expand the 'storylines' and the characters and to have a lot more fun.
I can think of at least three potential 'storylines' that could have enriched this feature.
Criticisms notwithstanding, the 'storylines' do reflect lesbian lives and issues.
Some of the best romantic comedies from the past have absurd 'storylines' .
The process began with a meeting of writers and producers where 'storylines' were discussed.
We're very excited about the excellent casting and the edgy and urban 'storylines' .
Films that juggle and interweave 'storylines' across time can be tricky business.
What do you do to try and keep the 'storylines' and dialogue feeling authentic?
These films were strong on atmosphere and often had interesting 'storylines' and settings.
After an hour of arguing, the four main 'storylines' that will form the next episode are all there and it's time to split them into scenes.
Are all loose ends, 'storylines' and subplots seamlessly tied up in the conclusion?
Brave new 'storylines' are plotted, tackling issues like illiteracy, drink driving and vote rigging.
Certain 'storylines' feel compromised by the need to squeeze so much plot into a single season.
But for all the romantic 'storylines' in this film, there is no still no kissing.
The writers will begin to develop 'storylines' based on the on-screen chemistry and the personalities of the actors.
The animated series carried on the complex 'storylines' of the graphic novel, but it proved too much for younger viewers.
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