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The company is helping to send magicians, musicians, puppeteers, storytellers and clowns throughout the year.
a person who tells stories.
translation of 'storyteller'
बयान करनेवाला,
झूठ बोलनेवाला,
कहानी कह सुनानेवाला
If you want to be a 'storyteller' , be an author, be a novelist, be a writer, don't be a film director.
He's an excellent 'storyteller' and a phenomenally detailed artist, but his work lacks a certain dynamic that makes it stick out in my mind.
And I think sports writers, as a whole, are entertaining 'storytellers' , interesting people and underrated journalists.
The faculty already had great computer scientists, artists, musicians, and 'storytellers' .
It's breathless, uncompromising 'storytelling' , one of the greatest comics of modern times.
The 'storytelling' is excellent and some of the descriptions are stunning.
A troupe of talented dancers, 'storytellers' and musicians will take centre stage in Killarney this week in order to drum up support for needy communities in Venezuela.
The sessions are conducted by experienced 'storytellers' and are run between 11 am and noon each Thursday during the months of July and August at the library in Lyster Square.
Even the storyteller is often relatively unfamiliar with 'storytelling' of this kind.
A family area pandered to the younger element of festival goers, with clowns, jesters and 'storytellers' all providing entertainment for children and the young at heart.
Singers, musicians, dancers and 'storytellers' from 28 Bulgarian regions will take part in this year's festival.
This sort of deep 'storytelling' is exactly what makes the show so interesting.
The whole city seems to gather here to take in an incredible range of entertainment, including tooth pullers, snake charmer, musicians and Arabic 'storytellers' .
Thanks to all the musicians, dancers, singers, 'storytellers' and poets.
The company is helping to send magicians, musicians, puppeteers, 'storytellers' and clowns throughout the year.
Audiences are led on a tour and entertained along the way by singers, dancers and 'storytellers' and are given the opportunity to speak to residents.
Singers, musicians, dancers and 'storytellers' are always appreciated on St. Patrick's Day.
There is a sense of narrative and 'storytelling' , but the content is not always explicit.
The night will welcome musicians, 'storytellers' and singers from all over the region, all welcome to entertain the crowd in their own inimitable way.
On most evenings there are special presentations by distinguished writers, musicians, dancers and 'storytellers' .
Steeped in tradition, Kilgarvan is world-renowned for its rich folklore and its many scribes, songwriters and 'storytellers' .
Join other artists, musicians, 'storytellers' , church leaders, church planters, theologians, and community advocates.
In West African culture, tradition dictates that singers and 'storytellers' come from the griot caste, and Maal was born into the fisherman's caste in 1952.
From trapeze artists to 'storytellers' , puppeteers to video artists, Bradford's arts scene is thriving thanks to millions of pounds worth of funding over the past year.
The club is up and running now for six months and provides an outlet for singers, poets, 'storytellers' and as a wide range of musicians who perform contemporary as well as traditional styles.
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