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Because of the long straightaways , the cars carry a lot of speed into the flat and sharp turns, which is where you'll see a lot of wrecks.
a straight section of a road or racetrack.
Alley hit a sinking line drive to straightaway center field that got by Day, who dived to make a sprawling catch but came up short.
extending or moving in a straight line.
translation of 'straightaway'
However, it was the distance to 'straightaway' center field - 560 feet - that undoubtedly helped Delahanty collect his four inside-the-park homers.
Chipper's second shot came on a change that Francis left just a little too high, and Jones took it to 'straightaway' center.
It's a challenging track; you're never on a 'straightaway' .
He had joined the team late and 'straightaway' plunged into competition without quite getting acclimatised to the extreme weather conditions or showing concern for fitness.
There's plenty of room for four-wide [racing] on the back 'straightaway' , but there's not room for it once you get to the corner.
Dr Wilson said that had Mr Collins been treated by medical staff 'straightaway' he could still be alive today.
It was the longest ever hole-in-one achieved on a 'straightaway' golf hole.
Linda took the courageous decision to waive her anonymity in the hope of encouraging other victims of sexual and physical abuse to report their situations to the police 'straightaway' .
Alley hit a sinking line drive to 'straightaway' center field that got by Day, who dived to make a sprawling catch but came up short.
The Inspector, who was also at the meeting, urged anyone finding drugs paraphernalia, including burned tin foil and syringes, to contact the police 'straightaway' .
As he is definitely among the top three cricketers India has ever produced, he will command the respect of the boys 'straightaway' .
Just the addition of this no-nonsense 'straightaway' runner, should ignite the running game behind an improved behemoth offensive line.
I'm aware that it takes time for a defence to learn to play together but we need results 'straightaway' .
If he had given the photos 'straightaway' to a museum or other institution they might have been filed away for years until someone got around to looking at them.
The track and field events finally get under way today and 'straightaway' two of Britain's best medal hopes are in action.
It is quite obvious that if he could get someone better, he would have dumped you 'straightaway' .
A few lucky people become friends 'straightaway' , soon after they meet or get introduced to each other.
He blasted down the longest 'straightaway' , reaching a speed of about 200 miles per hour.
The fourth hole on the South nine actually has two greens - one that makes it play as a 'straightaway' par 4, and another that turns it into a dogleg right.
He said people who see someone acting suspiciously near a home should call the police 'straightaway' .
But Tameside Hospital has opened a clinic which can treat suspected sufferers 'straightaway' .
The course is short at 6,157 yards and fairly flat with 'straightaway' holes.
He is not a natural center fielder, and the depth of the balls hit to 'straightaway' center are often the toughest to judge.
Michael is one of the fastest 'straightaway' runners in the league, and defenses must change the way they play when he's in the game.
Anyone who finds the bag or contents is also urged to contact Swindon police 'straightaway' .
And 'straightaway' I found the canal a hypnotic companion.
‘Do you know, I recognised you 'straightaway' from the photo in the paper,’ one of them said.
Some people would go for all-around 'straightaway' speed and they couldn't get through the corners.
Anyway, we didn't get back until after three that afternoon and 'straightaway' I checked with Penman about the Meg situation.
If she got going fast enough on the 'straightaway' she could get air and pull a three-sixty when she landed.
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