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in a straightforward case no fees will be charged
uncomplicated and easy to do or understand.
translation of 'straightforward'
(व्यक्ति के बारे में) निष्कपट
The judge said that she gave her evidence in the most 'straightforward' way and was a totally honest witness.
it's very 'straightforward'!
I find that his evidence was given in a very thoughtful and 'straightforward' fashion.
He is the stroppiest and the most 'straightforward' , and the most handsome.
a 'straightforward' answer
In the past, having people round for dinner was relatively 'straightforward' .
You would think that this sort of routine operation would be simple and 'straightforward' .
Improvements in cardiac imaging and new biochemical assays have made diagnosis more 'straightforward' .
They would have felt easier with a 'straightforward' repayment loan, where each month the debt reduced.
Readers looking for a 'straightforward' narrative of the 1837 epidemic will find this account interesting.
The routine medical management of these individuals is usually 'straightforward' .
it's 'straightforward' greed!
Men are intensely 'straightforward' and logical beings, and they find this confusing.
Knowing when to stop is not an easy or 'straightforward' matter in ethnography.
They are pretty 'straightforward' with me, they know I can handle whatever it takes.
Although the entity theory may seem relatively 'straightforward' , its practical application is not.
He is very honest, very 'straightforward' , and there are no hidden sides to him.
Ask them about their ambitions and what you get is honest, 'straightforward' answers.
Dispassionate analysis of American politics is neither easy nor 'straightforward' .
The concept appears 'straightforward' , but the results are surprisingly hypnotic and poetic.
Life was easy, 'straightforward' , and if he wanted something done, he just did it.
There is a nice sense of menace developing in it, and I like how none of the characters are 'straightforward' .
Kenneth was trying to hint, but Jessica was more 'straightforward' than the rest of them.
What had been agreed was in my view 'straightforward' and understood in exactly the same way by both parties.
I found him to be a 'straightforward' , frank, careful and thoroughly honest witness.
An afternoon punting on the Cam in the sunshine seems a 'straightforward' enough pleasure.
No, still life photography is not easy, even though it sounds 'straightforward' .
Part of this admirably 'straightforward' narrative was written, but not published, as a study for the commission.
They are honest and 'straightforward' with others and expect the same in return.
If this seems 'straightforward' , even simple, it is no less profound for it.
Anushka is completely straightforward, Ranbir is cool: Lisa Haydon
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