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The concepts in gray are those the military strategist provided in an ontology of war.
a person skilled in planning action or policy, especially in war or politics.
translation of 'strategist'
व्यूह रचना करने वाला,
युद्धविद्या में निपुण,
he is a cunning military 'strategist'
The concepts in gray are those the military 'strategist' provided in an ontology of war.
These military successes owed much to Charlemagne's ability as a 'strategist' and a diplomat.
I am not a politician or a military 'strategist' : I have no idea how to fight terrorists effectively.
I think the real blame lies with the Labor Party's 'strategists' , media advisers and pollsters.
It was a familiar exercise for the former general, widely regarded as one of Israel's greatest military 'strategists' .
They may not be military 'strategists' , but market observers are betting that the war will be brief.
His 'strategists' keep advising him to look deep into the lens, to use his hands for emphasis, to speak slowly.
He and later 'strategists' were intent on waging a type of war based on rapid, decisive maneuver.
This is the main concern worrying the economic 'strategists' of the Russian ruling elite.
By and large the 'strategists' and planners have got it right.
Now is the moment for our economists and industrial 'strategists' to prepare.
Civilian 'strategists' were neglecting the military side of strategy.
This brain teaser would challenge world history's best political and military 'strategists' .
The best 'strategists' have at their fingertips a wide assortment of doctrinal tools.
How odd then, that when it comes to oil so many 'strategists' and politicians seem to find grasping the supply-demand equation so tough.
The political (as well as military) 'strategists' will be holding their breath, more than ever.
Theirs was a textbook case of how not to win an election, and will be studied by political analysts and party 'strategists' for years.
At a time when political 'strategists' are looking to business for ideas, it seems an excellent plan.
Now that seems to me, the decided area of concern for a few political 'strategists' .
Military 'strategists' have long understood the value of catching an enemy by surprise.
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