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corporate finance work can be stressful
causing mental or emotional stress.
To add injustice to the 'stressful' wait is a recipe for disaster that can lead to hostility.
They're 'stressful' games but I just tried not to get too hyped up about it all.
The piece was a light-hearted exercise to wind down my brain after a 'stressful' exam period.
It was 'stressful' and physically demanding but a great privilege to be involved.
The finances are perhaps the most 'stressful' element of building work for the average homeowner.
I know this has been a very difficult and 'stressful' time for the family and for staff involved.
Yesterday was quite a stressful day, as 'stressful' as I've yet encountered in this role.
They say that moving home is one of the most 'stressful' things you can do.
That way I can miss the crowded trains and the general rush and hubbub, and it should be a lot less 'stressful' .
Instead, we are all working harder and in more 'stressful' circumstances than ever.
It can be really 'stressful' and you never know if you are coming or going.
Berlin is a reminder that life doesn't have to be fast, career-driven and 'stressful' .
These are just some of the myriad of worries we face every day in our increasingly busy and 'stressful' lives.
I can feel my blood pressure going up already - next Saturday will be a very 'stressful' day.
I had never worked in that way before and it was great fun although it was 'stressful' because it was different.
Having to make decisions can be 'stressful' , because you have to weigh one option against another.
Her work is 'stressful' , and she worries that her bowel problems may affect her job performance.
Preparing for your wedding day can be 'stressful' as you juggle all these demands.
Just getting in and out of my chair is an incredibly hard and 'stressful' task.
Lots of people have 'stressful' jobs, which feed back into their private lives.
More specifically, gender differences in utilization of family support and utilization of emotional support disappeared when controlling for the perceived 'stressfulness' of the scenarios.
Is the 'stressfulness' of a learning environment something that should be taken into consideration when teaching, designing, or evaluating a school?
It has looked into the best and worst American cities for sleeping in, being physically fit in, 'stressfulness' and crime rates.
I didn't want to give anyone else the impression that I was ‘emotionally unstable due to the 'stressfulness' of my circumstance’.
Questions flowed effortlessly but 'stressfully' across his mind.
Call centers are, by definition, 'stressfully' noisy and glary.
A total life event score was calculated by summing 'stressfulness' for each negative life event that had occurred in the past 6 months.
Many potential workers are currently denied any waged work at all, while other workers are putting in 'stressfully' long hours.
He ran a hand 'stressfully' through his dark blonde hair and then said in a calmer but quivering voice, ‘All right, look.’
Alexis ran her fingers through her hair 'stressfully' , ‘Tony, come on, let's just get out of here.’
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