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At any time of the day or night, a tall RAF corporal would be seen helping to carry a stretcher containing an injured soldier into the tent.
a framework of two poles with a long piece of canvas slung between them, used for carrying sick, injured, or dead people.
The stand, with its baluster legs and serpentine stretcher , is also japanned and similar to other European designs of this period.
a thing that stretches something, in particular.
translation of 'stretcher'
He was found unconscious and a duty officer organised for him to be taken by 'stretcher' to his room, but no one kept watch over the deceased to ensure that he was lying in a safe position.
The structure of the 'stretcher' , the tautness of the canvas and the transparency of the paint contribute to the total effect.
Your lower arthritic back is especially sore after you have spent nine hours on an emergency room 'stretcher' .
Gilliam is known primarily as a Color School painter who ‘liberated’ the canvas from its 'stretcher' .
Reassemble the leg and stretcher, adding carpenter's wood glue before inserting the 'stretcher' into the hole.
A 'stretcher' with a life support system was rushed towards the emergency room.
The optical 'stretcher' can be used to measure the viscoelastic properties of the entire cytoskeleton and to shed new light on the problem of cellular elasticity.
They placed her on a back board and put her on a 'stretcher' then the ambulance.
The artist might attempt to disguise them by extending her unprimed canvas beyond the 'stretcher' , suggesting an alternative reading of the work as art object.
We added an in-line high-tensile fence 'stretcher' at the end of our clotheslines.
Water absorption testing of 18 'stretcher' bricks removed from the building revealed that all of the brick tested met the saturation coefficient requirement.
The injured man was carried on a 'stretcher' by firefighters up a steep embankment to a waiting ambulance.
She puts her clipboard in a tray attached to the head of Lucian's 'stretcher' and sits forward, bridging her hands and resting her chin in them.
Our intention had been for a leg 'stretcher' south of the Abbey for long views of Ripon, but it was a misty old day in sodden England so we abandoned such ambitions and turned in at the Monks Wall.
By the time the first rescuers were on the scene it was already getting dark and extra lighting was needed, along with a 'stretcher' , backboard, medical gases, vacuum mattress and first aid kits.
At any time of the day or night, a tall RAF corporal would be seen helping to carry a 'stretcher' containing an injured soldier into the tent.
The stretcher configuration is also significant, for the placing of the medial 'stretcher' well to the front, rather than mid-way between front and back legs, is entirely novel.
The key to a good installation is adequate stretching, which must be done with a power 'stretcher' .
This 'stretcher' when incorporated with the camlock is able to suit any boat and is easy to adjust.
In addition to clever planning, Rob took advantage of another effective space 'stretcher' : natural light.
The optical 'stretcher' has been described previously as a two-beam laser trap that induces optical forces, which can be used to deform cells.
These looms were created from wooden 'stretcher' bars, like the ones used to stretch painting canvas.
Incoming patients must be held there, in a temporary treatment 'stretcher' , until a bed opens.
One way of doing that is to refer to prior unsworn occasions when you may have told the ‘ 'stretcher' ’ in question
A foot 'stretcher' breakage in the Egyptian boat caused the second semi-final to be delayed.
Another device he used to emphasize the objectness of his paintings was to leave exposed the ragged edge of the canvas and the staples used to attach it to the 'stretcher' .
On one 'stretcher' was a local woman suffering from renal failure and in need of kidney dialysis, and on another a woman who was pregnant.
Sirens blared around him as a 'stretcher' , which supported a body blanketed in white, was moved into the ambulance.
A transportation aide transports the patient via 'stretcher' from the SDS area to the preoperative holding area.
Moving to smaller workstations, not surprisingly, can be a budget- and space - 'stretcher' .
TRENDING: Thailand cave rescue boys being carried on stretchers
15 hours, 40 kms via flooded areas: ITBP heroes rescue woman on stretcher
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