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practical considerations were subordinated to political expediency
treat or regard as of lesser importance than something else.
The commander of any level is supposed to pay serious attention to work with his subordinates and organize control over their activities.
a person under the authority or control of another within an organization.
his subordinate officers
lower in rank or position.
translation of 'subordinate '
वश में करना,
अधीन करना,
गौण समझना,
कम महत्त्व देना
कम महत्त्व का,
The Dutch Republic is presented as an early example of a state in which the nobility lost their leading position as they became 'subordinate' to merchant patricians.
This ownership or control over labor might be developed through the lineage, where junior members were 'subordinate' to the senior members, though this is less visible in older documentation.
Some people are proud to be bestowed with ‘polygamy awards’ - which explicitly place women in a 'subordinate' position in society.
As secondary theories, they were 'subordinate' to alternative theories but assumed importance when the onset of diabetes seemed to have no biological or lifestyle basis.
Second, experience may reveal that our operating principles are 'subordinate' to even more fundamental principles that should overrule them.
In spite of young Kano's academic superiority he was relegated to a 'subordinate' position, because of his physical inferiority.
These are accessory phases, commonly 'subordinate' to the simple sulphides, in many types of mineral deposits.
This recognises the power of the State and its ability to get things done, but critically also recognised that Soviet society was able to negotiate with the State even if from an unequal and 'subordinate' position.
The second is a 'subordinate' level process that refines the precise timing of the movement.
What the authors/protagonists say at any given juncture of the text is of 'subordinate' importance to the way they say it.
The second is the 'subordinate' colour, which is used to substantiate the claim the primary colour holds on the viewers attention.
Though corruption has been rampant among the 'subordinate' ranks, senior officers, by and large, were not tainted by corruption.
Aboriginal rights are generally 'subordinate' to other public policy priorities, and as a result distinct cultures are threatened
A more serious problem is that their economic dependence may result in their finding themselves in a 'subordinate' position in their families.
To Zohra, who obtained a master's degree from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture, the 'subordinate' position of women in a variety of fields must be opposed.
From this perspective, the function of good and/or evil in the morality play is important but 'subordinate' to the role of protagonist/hero.
The negative side of his personality suggests that he strongly dislikes being in 'subordinate' positions.
It should be noted that different clay minerals are stable at the low pH level in the gut in comparison with sea water, although this is likely to be of 'subordinate' importance relative to the kinetic effect of decreased pH.
No job is more important than another; no position is 'subordinate' to another.
Although this was by no means an uncommon pattern in late nineteenth-century Europe, it reflected Italy's relatively 'subordinate' position on international markets.
If, on the other hand, he is an act- or rule-utilitarian, he would seem to give character a role that is 'subordinate' to reason.
Of relevance here to the new pattern of migration is the relegation of women to a 'subordinate' position.
But John's role as baptizer is 'subordinate' to his main task, which is to bear witness to Jesus.
Historically, the tradition has viewed the first and second foci as 'subordinate' to the third.
Though important, that question is 'subordinate' to another: whether Islamic fundamentalism can make its peace with religious pluralism.
For a population that has been forced into a permanent 'subordinate' position by an occupying power, this disparity is not only a hardship but a searing humiliation as well.
Imperial policy was designed to benefit the British metropolis principally and its 'subordinate' provinces secondarily.
Thus women are now in the workforce but in positions where they are 'subordinate' to men and under their control.
He painted many easel pictures as well as murals, and though he insisted they were 'subordinate' to his wall paintings, they were important in helping to establish his international reputation.
It is noteworthy that all the members of the court-martial, appointed by the convening officer, were 'subordinate' in rank to him.
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