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the minimum income needed for subsistence
the action or fact of maintaining or supporting oneself at a minimum level.
rights of occupation normally only continue during the subsistence of the marriage
the state of remaining in force or effect.
translation of 'subsistence'
जीवन उपाय,
जीवन-यापन का साधन
For women facing the uncertainty of cash remittances or declining income, 'subsistence' production becomes an important safety net.
'subsistence' wage
Other factors contributing to such households are housing shortages and the need to generate income through both wage labor and 'subsistence' production.
The pittance paid out in compensation for retrenchment has provided barely a few months 'subsistence' , with former employees being thrown into abject poverty.
Forcibly separated from the means of 'subsistence' , by acts of enclosure in England, clearances in Scotland, they had little choice but to work for Gradgrind in his mill.
These comprise the means of 'subsistence' , habitation, clothing and defense.
Hence in order to encourage people off the land and away from 'subsistence' production, the incentive to produce for oneself and one's family had to be removed.
Millions who have been unemployed for many years are losing their means of 'subsistence' .
She worked as a cleaning lady, waitress, nursing home aid, only to realize that a single job does not provide enough money for 'subsistence' .
The issues to be resolved range from the grander puzzles of human evolution and speciation to parochial matters of 'subsistence' and trade.
Hunting has traditionally been an important means of 'subsistence' in the Caucasus Mountain region.
We have not argued that the position of a 'subsistence' producer, living at the edge of hunger, is the same as that of an affluent suburban dweller.
That preliminary record is then published with the object of inviting comments and objections from persons interested either in the subsistence of the right of way or to deny its 'subsistence' .
rights of occupation normally only continue during the 'subsistence' of the marriage
The principle that there is a perpetual tendency in the race of man to increase beyond the means of 'subsistence' is usually attributed to Malthus.
But, of course, it wasn't the weather that had done it: it was the months of dependence in the hotel, with nothing to do, but with a basic 'subsistence' provided.
Women's wages were calculated on the assumption that they supplemented a family economy rather than providing individual 'subsistence' .
the garden provided not only 'subsistence' but a little cash crop
the minimum income needed for 'subsistence'
Their account of the shipwreck in Bermuda does not explain how the leader of the expedition managed to restore control when the island offered land for the taking and ready means of 'subsistence' .
Alone among the New Deal agricultural agencies, they provided 'subsistence' and operating credit for farmers.
Costs of living differ radically, and where 'subsistence' production accounts for a large part of the food supply, GNP grossly underestimates wealth.
She and her husband own four acres of land, sufficient for 'subsistence' agriculture but not much else.
the agricultural working class were deprived of a 'subsistence'
They have a fallback in 'subsistence' production and other cash crops, such as cocoa and copra.
The means of 'subsistence' were practically the same as those of to-day, except that cattle-raising was more general.
For those who embarked on a literary career, the only recourse was to draw their 'subsistence' from the value of their writing when they signed their contract with a bookseller.
Their right to remain here depends upon the 'subsistence' of the visa.
The Parliament of landlords which took over politics in 1640 was not interested in preserving a peasantry engaged in 'subsistence' production.
Most notably, the United States has been removing formal requirements for copyright 'subsistence' , in line with the Berne Convention.
Agriculture barely gives subsistence to farmers, says Jaitley
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