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सिद्ध करना
they had found nothing to substantiate the allegations
provide evidence to support or prove the truth of.
translation of 'substantiate'
पुख्ता करना,
पुष्टि करना
सिद्ध करना,
सत्य बतलाना
Journalists try to 'substantiate' allegations with other evidence, but this isn't always possible.
But he did not bother to 'substantiate' his argument by providing any figures.
They have failed to produce evidence to 'substantiate' the reason for refusal of the application.
Yet the IGIS inquiry has provided no evidence to 'substantiate' this conclusion.
they had found nothing to 'substantiate' the allegations
they had found nothing to 'substantiate' the allegations
I therefore ask you to challenge the spokesman, on my behalf, to produce evidence to 'substantiate' his claims or withdraw them.
Subsequently, the police declared that there was no evidence to 'substantiate' the allegations.
Parents were outraged after social services investigators found no evidence to 'substantiate' the claims.
However no evidence has been found to 'substantiate' allegations that animals have been mistreated.
Scientific tests at the American trials found no evidence to 'substantiate' claims of improved performance.
This is a personally horrific, professionally-damaging and gutless accusation to make without 'substantiation' .
Following the pattern of the previous section, evidence will be provided 'substantiating' the veracity of the themes of the argument.
This utilitarian consideration is arguably unfair and disrespectful of persons, and needs further factual 'substantiation' .
No evidence 'substantiating' this claim has been made public, however, and the CIA itself has refused any comment on the operation.
However, when some educators, among them representatives of regional accrediting bodies, began to ask for evidence of this assertion, few institutions could provide 'substantiating' documentation.
Before distributing or submitting a marketing communication for publication, marketers must hold documentary evidence to prove all claims, whether direct or implied, that are capable of objective 'substantiation' .
What's missing is concrete evidence that 'substantiates' the claim and excludes other influences.
Hence, our results provide data 'substantiating' the earlier proposition that protein binding and protein folding have similar underlying principles.
The strategy is about 'substantiating' the case and providing a framework to guide development in ways which maximise the potential.
No factual 'substantiation' is given for the alarming implication.
But the bureau said the motives could either not be ascertained or 'substantiated' by evidence.
It was also, clearly enough, a matter about which he was vitally concerned, given that it involved the possible corroboration and 'substantiation' of the matters that he had already said all that he needed to say on the matter.
The Chicago Tribune reports that a grand jury has been convened, but no evidence 'substantiating' the government's position has been released.
There is evidence in abundance which 'substantiates' my claim.
These decisions are based on gathering evidence and 'substantiating' facts.
In themselves they don't really mean a lot unless they can be 'substantiated' by some scientific evidence.
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