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All entities, substantives , adverbs, sentences are patiently, and joyously, called into question.
a noun.
there is no substantive evidence for the efficacy of these drugs
having a firm basis in reality and therefore important, meaningful, or considerable.
Nothing has a substantive existence apart from everything else and exists only in the context of everything else.
having a separate and independent existence.
translation of 'substantive'
पृथक सत्ता का,
पुष्ट आधारवाला,
Each procedural pigeon-hole contains its own rules of 'substantive' law, and it is with great caution that we may argue from what is found in one to what will probably be found in another; each has its own precedents.
If the Government is committed to meaningful and 'substantive' talks they have to show that.
Nothing has a 'substantive' existence apart from everything else and exists only in the context of everything else.
It found that it was now a settled principle that legal professional privilege is a rule of 'substantive' law, some of the judges talked about it in terms of human rights, others in terms of civil rights.
Yes I think decision making institutional issues are far more important than 'substantive' reforms.
Hence, if there is no valid or 'substantive' argument on the basis of the application itself, there can be no grant of an exemption.
Not all dyes need mordants to help them adhere to fabric. If they need no mordants, such as lichens and walnut hulls, they are called 'substantive' dyes.
It constituted the first important dialogue on 'substantive' nuclear issues between the two self-declared de facto nuclear weapon powers of the world.
Choice likewise provides a 'substantive' basis for parental and student buy-in.
This phenomenon is not based on ideological considerations or 'substantive' issues of national concern.
His recuperative perception, in other words, is the 'substantive' basis of a dramatic engagement.
It therefore appeared to be a 'substantive' , independent factor.
But judicial comity requires restraint, based on mutual respect not only for the integrity of one another's process, but also for one another's procedural and 'substantive' laws.
But it is important to note that 'substantive' discussions of issues rarely entered into Five Points political contests.
Some students of the media have developed a notion of the game schema model, where tactics and strategy are now more important than 'substantive' issues.
Elections are not the sole gauge of democracy, but they are, of course, important, 'substantive' milestones.
And now it's time for the White House to help bring the parties together to get real, meaningful, 'substantive' tax relief done.
Although these articles together make an important 'substantive' contribution to this new understanding, they certainly do not constitute the last word on the subject.
They subsequently assisted him in the drafting of statements which were considered 'substantive' evidence of the aggravation and difficulties he had been forced to endure during this debacle.
And then he'll - he'll talk about life or the idea of the movies in a way that's so 'substantive' and important.
Plainly, this provision is couched in terms referring to the Court's jurisdiction, and not as a 'substantive' rule of criminal law whereby minors may not be held criminally responsible.
These similar trajectories, however, mask important 'substantive' distinctions.
The submission there is that one needs primary statutory backing before a power to make procedural rules can affect 'substantive' limitation periods.
Parties are unstable and hard to distinguish on the basis of 'substantive' issues.
I instinctively like empowering political interest groups, which despite their flaws do articulate important 'substantive' visions.
The 'substantive' issue that she raises is important.
Healthcheck encourages distrust of medical professionals, and the lack of 'substantive' evidence in many of its reports muddies the issues at stake.
Nothing short of 'substantive' and meaningful improvement in the material well being of ordinary South Africans will overturn this tide of distrust and scepticism.
This is a clear sentence, with two nominal 'substantives' - fire and rice, an activity - cooking, and an agent - the fire which brings about the cooked rice.
Nathan said only enough to indicate that he was using language with an unaccustomed force and intelligence - but mildly annoying, as if all 'substantives' fell away, leaving only the prepositions.
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