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This three-dimensional complex of surface closed depressions, subterranean conduits, caves, and springs is known as karst terrain.
existing, occurring, or done under the earth's surface.
translation of 'subterranean'
भूमि के नीचे का
भूमि के भीतर का
Even after all that, there is still a vast reservoir of 'subterranean' water inside the earth.
Credulous undergraduates fall prey to priestly performers who claim to be initiating them into the 'subterranean' mysteries.
I've fallen into a dingy 'subterranean' bar called KGB, lured by the initials and the sign outside depicting a froth-capped beer glass.
German homeowners and gardeners who attempt to destroy an ant hill or 'subterranean' nest will be subject to hefty fines if caught.
Players get to run around the building's maze of corridors, explore its 'subterranean' passageways and take to its roof with a sniper rifle.
A large mechanical platform is lowered into the 'subterranean' depths of Purgato.
Pumping out the water is not a long-term solution, and the project's ultimate aim is to channel the 'subterranean' water away once and for all.
Still, somewhere beneath your feet is a 'subterranean' passage that obligingly ran from this all male seminary to the next door convent of Nazarene nuns.
This three-dimensional complex of surface closed depressions, 'subterranean' conduits, caves, and springs is known as karst terrain.
Swimming in the clear, fresh, 'subterranean' water was sublime.
In other words, this tradition suggests a 'subterranean' relationship between pleasure and austerity.
Most of them are about the experience of girls and women, about the exercise of power and its abuse, and about 'subterranean' aspects of human relationships.
Venturing deep below the ice, the explorers soon realise to their horror that the 'subterranean' structure is in fact a sacrificial chamber, home to the dreaded aliens.
Here the source for the volcanoes, an extensive wall of 'subterranean' mud provides a near surface source.
These drainages envelop the ephemeral wet surfaces and 'subterranean' systems that rarely hold a diverse molluscan fauna.
Firstly, if you happen to run an extensive 'subterranean' mass transit system, you should familiarise yourself with the topology of the network.
In addition to the Paveletsky project, Moscow's shoppers will have a handful of other 'subterranean' malls to choose from over the coming years.
At one end of the square stands the town's main mosque, at the other the Church of the Nativity, in which a 'subterranean' grotto marks the place of Christ's birth.
Scrooges who detest Christmas are being offered the chance to avoid this year's festive season - by hiding in a 'subterranean' nuclear bunker.
Pity about the 'subterranean' exhibition space.
After driving in, breaking all previously known records, I parked in this grim 'subterranean' car park, at astronomical hourly rates.
Expertly juggling pathos and humour, Baumbach has created a queasy tug-of-war between surface civility and 'subterranean' resentment.
The stuffiness was a result of 'subterranean' humidity.
It is in this 'subterranean' atmosphere that language appears.
It is both a museum and a memorial to the thousands who experienced torture under two different totalitarian regimes in the 'subterranean' cells.
This is because the seeds continue to germinate after the first flush of summer weeds and because seeds are produced aerially and 'subterraneously' as well.
Politics and culture juxtapose to unravel a world of tourism and the seething violence and corruption 'subterraneously' and silently hovering in the air.
I say to people that I am not writing, but I keep on writing in the diary, 'subterraneously' , secretly, a writing that is not writing, but breathing.
The Queen Victoria Building is connected 'subterraneously' with Pitt Street which is also a great place to do your shopping.
They alter human beings and human relationships, 'subterraneously' for the most part, sometimes quite openly and directly.
India hits out at 'subterranean' cover for terrorists at UN
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