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she had been secretary to a succession of board directors
a number of people or things sharing a specified characteristic and following one after the other.
the new king was already elderly at the time of his succession
the action or process of inheriting a title, office, property, etc..
translation of 'succession'
There follows a 'succession' of adventures, dangers, narrow escapes from death, and general blows of malign Fate.
But, a couple of months ago, it warned that its dividend policy was under review, following a 'succession' of profit warnings.
Despite lacking any formal military training, he led his army of devoted followers to a 'succession' of victories in battles and sieges.
A 'succession' of books followed, mostly easy readers that told tales of the Revolutionary War through colorful pictures and monosyllabic words.
the Cretaceous 'succession'
Ambitious, energetic, and very able, Faulkner was clearly positioning himself for the 'succession' to Brookeborough.
the new king was already elderly at the time of his 'succession'
Important ecological factors in modern communities include predation, competition, and ecological 'succession' .
the new king was already elderly at the time of his 'succession'
I was in the middle of one of my passionate rants when the doorknob rattled, followed by a 'succession' of loud knocks.
William's own ambitions centred on preserving his wife's and his own right of 'succession' to the throne, and in securing England's participation in the continental war.
Following a 'succession' of attacks, a large breakaway group moved clear on the first of three laps and opened up a decisive lead over the rest.
the 'succession' to the Crown was disputed
the 'succession' to the Crown was disputed
There followed a 'succession' of hospitalizations and, finally, confinement in a mental ward.
It was followed by a 'succession' of unstable coalition governments.
Diversity increases as succession continues, only leveling off when 'succession' has reached its final stage.
In short, the young princes arguably had an unqualified right of 'succession' to the British throne, a right that was much stronger than their uncle.
If he does not submit his request to Parliament or if approval is not granted, then the royal loses his right of 'succession' to the throne.
The rate of change of plant 'succession' in the valley varies widely.
Yet, as the decade wore on and a 'succession' of lacklustre releases followed to mixed reviews and declining, albeit still formidable, sales the proverbial chickens came home to roost.
As a fruit of the Pombaline vision, Goa is today the only State in India to have a uniform civil code, which ensures women equal rights of 'succession' , property and inheritance.
The game came alive in the 20th minute when Bury, following a 'succession' of a five-metre scrums, were eventually awarded a penalty try, the conversion a formality.
What followed was a 'succession' of high-calibre performances.
More important, by following a 'succession' of customized movements programmed by a professional, her progress seems to be under firm control of science.
I think he was confusing the constitutional 'succession' in office with who was in charge.
The Lib Dem policy would prove even more progressive than the mayor's plans, with partnerships that were binding in matters of inheritance, pensions and 'succession' of tenancy.
Succession to the throne is based at present on the principle of male primogeniture, embodied in the Salic law, according to which male heirs take precedence and the right of 'succession' belongs to the eldest son.
In my head, the faces of those I love appear, followed swiftly by a 'succession' of pictures from my past.
There then followed a 'succession' of failures by the claimants to comply with their obligations under the rules and under orders of the court, notwithstanding repeated reminders by the defendants.
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