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they were looking for their fifth successive win
following one another or following others.
translation of 'successive'
एक के बाद एक आने वाला,
बाद का,
This was a great way to start a year that will hopefully see the boys win their third 'successive' title.
When entries from the Harrogate District won in 'successive' years it was a triumph.
It was his third 'successive' tournament triumph after winning on grass at Halle and Wimbledon.
There is no disagreement that councils have been starved of funds by 'successive' governments.
The following centuries saw the 'successive' rise and fall of new civilisations.
They kept six 'successive' clean sheets on their way to winning in Mali two years ago.
They are in a strong position this term, however, having clocked up eight 'successive' wins.
Bury is one of only five councils to move up a place in 'successive' years.
The Swede produces two 'successive' winning returns to win the game and level the set.
Great Britain will be hoping for a hat trick of golds today to add to the two won in 'successive' days in Athens.
York will be bidding for a third 'successive' win following victories at Hull and at home to Horden last week.
Two months ago and half a world away, England won their fourth 'successive' Test series.
This was their ninth 'successive' win and it took them to the top of Division Two.
For centuries the land has been tilled by 'successive' generations of farmers.
London routed hapless Halifax to record their third 'successive' Super League home win.
For the third 'successive' year the centre had won the Gradam award for the best run centre.
This is the second 'successive' win for this horse who is proving to be a right good one.
The Reds soaked up immense pressure placed late on to win their second 'successive' game.
Joel has already won the West Yorkshire race series with three 'successive' wins.
If Congs continue in this vein it will be a brave man who bets against them winning a fourth 'successive' title.
Each of these fuels is 'successively' richer in hydrogen and poorer in carbon than its predecessor, so we seem to be moving towards using pure hydrogen.
Pastures that are grazed 'successively' year after year will carry over a low to moderate level of worm infection depending on weather conditions.
This is a 'successiveness' that becomes real only when the succession is completed.
What you need is to represent a 'successiveness' in the series of appearances, and in the successiveness you need to represent an existence which follows from the non-existent, and hence you need to represent a change.
The system Ireland has used 'successively' and will use next year is the most secure electronic system that exists in the world.
For in all change there is 'successiveness' , one part coming after another, and from our numbering antecedent and consequent parts of change there arises the notion of time, which is simply the numberedness of before and after in change.
For several years insurers have been making 'successively' more noise about climate change.
They enact the roles they have imbibed from their forefathers acting 'successively' over seven generations.
In order to achieve the object described above, according to one aspect of this invention, given data is compressed on the basis of the 'successiveness' of identical patterns in one-byte unit as by the prior art method and after that the information thus obtained by the compression described above is rearranged so that it can be again compressed and compressed once more.
This inadequacy is partly inherent in the fact that our terms and categories belong to discourse taken from this world of space, time, and 'successiveness' .
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