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an attempt to establish superiority over others
the state of being superior.
translation of 'superiority'
And like most messy people, I harbor a sense of 'superiority' over neatniks; I'm simply too busy to waste time shuffling papers.
Also, while he has been portrayed by a number of actors over the years, he always maintains a level of intellectual 'superiority' which gives the character a certain edge and attitude.
The reason was the absolute perfection of her appearance and her air of invincible 'superiority' .
Technical superiority is only important when it delivers proven solution 'superiority' .
This cast and this production prove their 'superiority' again here and serve the script well, neither overplaying the melodrama or underemphasizing the pain.
The practical results also suggest its 'superiority' over the rivals, as we have just seen from the performance graph above.
he attacked the media's smug 'superiority'
What might happen if he allowed himself to leave the safety of haughty solitude and moral 'superiority' , to love other human beings who are beyond his control?
The heathens then justify their own machinations - like public humiliations, for starters - with an ugly air of moral 'superiority' .
Such attitudes, he felt, supported whites' feelings of 'superiority' .
Russia reportedly developed anti-satellite weapons at the height of the Cold War and China is judged to pose a threat to the US's strategic 'superiority' in space.
There's nothing like a worm attack that spares Linux to bring out the smug 'superiority' in Linux users.
The implications for national greatness and commercial 'superiority' were stressed repeatedly.
the allies have achieved air 'superiority'
This air of religious 'superiority' informed their efforts to Christianize the ‘heathen’ Indians.
In his gallery of caricatures are the British who brought with them imperialistic arrogance and a powerful sense of cultural 'superiority' .
Scene after scene, the professor uses the meaning he assigns to words to establish dictatorial 'superiority' over his pupil up until to the abrupt dark comedic ending.
an attempt to establish 'superiority' over others
At higher graphics quality settings the newer graphics core proves its 'superiority' , though.
These facilities can help the US military quickly gain air 'superiority' throughout Central Asia, and even into the Middle East.
It reinforces a sense of superiority in a society that says it doesn't believe in classes, and it allows Americans to establish feelings of dominance and 'superiority' over others.
Both detectives soon come to blows over how to handle the case, each totally convinced of their 'superiority' over the other until the killer strikes again, and again.
As the privileged core of colonial English education, they were used to bolster ideas of English 'superiority' over the culture and literature of the ‘natives’.
The disc extras offer a further level of 'superiority' over the previous release, which was a barebones disc.
an attempt to establish 'superiority' over others
It was with such airs of 'superiority' that I spent every free moment during my two years at Yale buried in the corner of the library.
Neither teacher nor student should have 'superiority' over the other in this pedagogic arrangement.
This, unfortunately, tended to manifest as an often crudely expressed affectation of 'superiority' .
True, his whole attitude is one of 'superiority' , but it is more playful in nature.
I believe a free society can be achieved only by convincing our fellow men of its 'superiority' over possible alternatives.
'Western military superiority eroding'
Meghan Markle's father upset over her 'sense of superiority'
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