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The first occasion was the collapse of the Soviet superpower enemy and of Communism as an ideology.
a very powerful and influential nation (used especially with reference to the US and the former Soviet Union when these were perceived as the two most powerful nations in the world).
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अति बहुत शक्ति,
शक्तिशाली देश
One of the good things about being a 'superpower' is that countries the world over want to tie their economic fortunes to yours.
When Bobby Fischer met Boris Spassky at the 1972 World Chess Championship, the event was redolent with the 'superpower' politics of the Cold War.
It does not become an economic 'superpower' but it does become a ‘newly industrialized country’, like Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea.
Instead of naming that government, let's just call it government X. Government X has decided that it should be the world's only 'superpower' and that it should stand in judgment over all countries in the world.
But what is also clear from this action is how Bosnia and Herzegovina from a powerful state that once was a part of sovereign Yugoslavia, has slid down so steeply to become a fragile, vulnerable state at the mercy of the world's 'superpower' .
Thus, China's development as a 'superpower' is beginning to concern its neighbours and the USA.
Third, Beijing is likely to emerge as an exporting 'superpower' , aggravating America's trade deficit and fanning protectionist pressures in a slumping world economy.
If you're looking to find the next economic 'superpower' , you have to realize that most emerging markets stay emerging markets.
Efforts to greatly expand education could determine whether India is a future economic 'superpower' or if it will be burdened with the world's biggest population of poor illiterates.
Not long before I was born, the country had won a big war, had become a 'superpower' , and had aggressively begun to insert itself into the international landscape.
The first occasion was the collapse of the Soviet 'superpower' enemy and of Communism as an ideology.
The United States is unquestionably the world's only military 'superpower' , but this is not the case in economic terms.
a 'superpower' summit
It is very difficult to be capitalist when there is a communist 'superpower' invading most of Eastern Europe and trying to do the same in Africa and South America.
The end of the Cold War and the emergence of the United States as the only 'superpower' raised several questions concerning the direction of the country's foreign policy.
'superpower' rivalry
In India, though, citizens believe the millennium marks a new era in which their country will emerge as a world 'superpower' .
The audience was unsure of what would happen to him just as Americans are unsure of what will happen to them entering the second millennium as the world's only financially and culturally dominant 'superpower' .
Another commercial row between two of the world's economic 'superpowers' involves a facet of America's tax code.
It is the kind of behavior that historically has caused nations to unite against previous 'superpowers' , from the Roman Empire to Britain.
The Cold War is over: the strategic forces of the 'superpowers' are standing down while their nuclear arsenals are shrinking dramatically.
As the Cold War developed, the two 'superpowers' jockeyed for position.
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