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the staff are extremely supportive of each other
providing encouragement or emotional help.
My children have been very 'supportive' and I babysit my grandchildren nearly every day.
Join the group and get to know others in a warm and 'supportive' atmosphere.
She has a loving family, with parents in a committed and mutually 'supportive' relationship.
Associate with people who are mutually 'supportive' and spend less time with friends or relatives who do not support you.
When the day of amputation is growing close, 'supportive' psychotherapy should be started.
The Macmillan nurse who spoke to me later was very 'supportive' and sympathetic.
The guides maintain a safe and 'supportive' atmosphere with plenty of time for relaxing.
However, personal partners and close family remain 'supportive' .
People are 'supportive' and encouraging and helpful, so I feel extraordinarily fortunate.
Maybe being emotionally 'supportive' to others over the last few days has left me drained.
He and his family were extremely 'supportive' of the relationship.
People tend to be 'supportive' and understanding, but it is not like somebody has died.
I'd like to thank my family for being really 'supportive' and everybody that made my record with me.
My family, who had been so 'supportive' of me, has now turned their backs on me.
Everybody was being helpful and 'supportive' to each other at a very difficult time.
How can you be 'supportive' , nurturing and loving if you are competing with your own children?
The heartfelt words point to a man who was 'supportive' and caring, but always full of laughter and fun.
There was a great team spirit and mutually 'supportive' atmosphere.
While generally 'supportive' of my writing projects, Bob thought that this one should go in the garbage.
Only in 'supportive' relationships can we deal with our personal demons and life disappointments.
It appears that some degree of communication and 'supportiveness' exhibited by these mothers during interactions with adolescents had not transferred to adolescents' interactions with best friends.
Added to high academic achievement must be the many successful business enterprises clustered 'supportively' around the university.
The current study did not support previous research that has suggested that parents of depressed youths are lacking in positive expressions of relatedness or 'supportiveness' of their adolescents' autonomy.
Management and the board are committed to ensuring that the process is managed as sensitively and as 'supportively' as is possible for all our staff and students.
These two variables, which are presumed to be associated with certain parental practices and characteristics such as warmth, 'supportiveness' , and encouragement of independence, have been found to be correlated with health behaviors.
Children have a great ability and capacity to deal with truth, when it is gently and 'supportively' shared with them.
I am here to tell you what you need to know in order to respond sensitively and 'supportively' to your own introverted family members, friends, and colleagues.
An earlier study of perceptions of communication competence found that participants linked self-disclosure, 'supportiveness' , and a relaxed style of interaction with effective communication behavior.
One trend revealed by the four surveys is that regard for the 'supportiveness' of local politicians seems to be falling.
The party also kept lists of professionals, such as doctors, senior police officers and teachers, who were not identifiable as Labour party members but could be relied on to speak 'supportively' .
US President Trump holds supportive base firmly: Poll
Hrishitaa supportive as a friend: Mohit Madaan (Movie Snippets)
Salman is supportive of whatever I do: Maniesh Paul
Key equity markets up during afternoon session on supportive IT stocks
Key equity markets rise on Asian cues, supportive metal, IT stocks
UN chief supportive of efforts leading up to inter-Korean summit
DMK government was supportive of Sterlite Copper: Palaniswami
Equity indices rise on supportive consumer durables, banking stocks
Zeeshan plays supportive husband in 'Mission Mangal'
AR Rahman is extremely supportive of youngsters: Nakul Abhyankar
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