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the forcible suppression of campus protests
the action of suppressing something such as an activity or publication.
translation of 'suppression'
Duodenal ulcers can be healed, but not cured, by pharmacological 'suppression' of acid secretion below this threshold.
In the 14 months since he threw that fatal punch, court 'suppression' orders have prevented publication of his name or details.
Nevertheless, a significant portion of the public supported the forcible 'suppression' of campus protests.
Repression or 'suppression' of intense feelings beneath a calm exterior is also associated with elevated blood pressure.
Cycles of recognition, repression or 'suppression' and recovery of truth can be extrapolated both from the course of individual analytic treatments and social struggles.
The ideas of separate color and verbal processing and 'suppression' of incorrect verbal responses suggest an explanation for incongruency loss.
Thus, 'suppression' of the cut mutant wing phenotype is most likely due to the overexpression of Lola.
Little information is available on the degree of gastric acid 'suppression' that is necessary to ensure adequate esophageal healing.
For the particular cause of interference 'suppression' , where might these come from?
Add to that high rates of illiteracy, the hypocrisy of the governmental media, the weakness of civil society and state 'suppression' of the opposition parties.
Psychodynamic issues may center on 'suppression' or repression of aggression relating to unmet emotional needs.
The army has retained power over the past four decades through the brutal 'suppression' of opposition, including from ethnic minorities.
This point leads to an exceptionally compelling aspect of the narrative, the rise and 'suppression' of the opposition media.
She was treated conservatively with acid 'suppression' and transfusions.
He persisted in arguing that the forcible 'suppression' of the students might prove to be a mistake of such magnitude as to destroy the legitimacy of the regime.
Moreover they know that if they become too flagrant in their 'suppression' of opposition and commit atrocities, the United Nations stands ready to intervene to overthrow them.
The 'suppression' of clv2 phenotypes is a true photoperiod response.
This provides some 'suppression' , but the residual signal may still exceed detection thresholds.
However, although the government seems to have nodded to pageants, the long-term 'suppression' of the activity has still kept most of the ongoing beauty contests in China relatively discreet.
The exclusion of political views from public debate logically extends into the openly violent 'suppression' of public actions based upon those views.
It is not possible to build a democratic state based on an ideology of religious exclusivism and through the forcible 'suppression' of the democratic rights of another people.
Some books have been unjustly censored, he argued, and many writers and booksellers were punished too severely when all that was required was the simple 'suppression' of publication.
Boucher said the government's continued intimidation and repression of the opposition and its violent 'suppression' of peaceful public protests were not conducive to beginning a dialogue.
It is undeniable that the forcible 'suppression' of religious and religious identity concerns by the communists gave a boost to these feelings.
These concern the 'suppression' of all terrorist activity on their territory, the transparency of banking and trade arrangements, and the disavowal of weapons of mass destruction.
Despite its wide range, the species is increasingly under threat after centuries of persecution and habitat loss to human activity and fire 'suppression' .
Butcher concedes that the degree of 'suppression' is relatively small.
Secondly, a transparent code of conduct against publication bias or selective 'suppression' of information should be developed.
In addition, enhancement or 'suppression' of the H mutant phenotype was evaluated.
Conscious 'suppression' of a memory is a more plausible explanation for the failure to recall an event than repression.
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