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over 140 rebels surrendered to the authorities
cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.
A final series of surrenders followed as hungry Lakota bands capitulated at military posts along the upper Missouri and Yellowstone.
the action of surrendering.
translation of 'surrender'
त्याग देना,
छोड़ देना,
घुटने टेकना,
हार मानना
They never 'surrender' without a fight, and the review process will add to their armoury.
Such a world exists - not for car owners, but for owners of life insurance policies intended for lapse or 'surrender' .
Enemy soldiers can also 'surrender' and go home as civilians as soon as the war is over.
York City could soon face a scrap to save their Football League status if they continue to 'surrender' points in the alarming fashion that has been displayed in the club's last two outings.
If you do choose to 'surrender' the policy it would be a good idea to use the proceeds to pay off the mortgage, making sure that there would be no penalties incurred.
In our system of government there is no provision for 'surrender' .
It all hinges on whether artists are considered to be employees of the labels, and as such obliged to 'surrender' copyright automatically to their labels.
An indigenous society cannot, as it were, 'surrender' its rights by modifying its way of life.
The Allied policy of unconditional 'surrender' also discouraged many from laying down their arms until there was no other option open.
He doesn't want to 'surrender' the advantage he has as a fine hitter.
the final 'surrender' of Germany on 8 May 1945
That view gained ascendancy and credibility when the atomic bomb brought on the final 'surrender' of Japan.
However, he was a soldier true at heart and would never 'surrender' without resisting with all the means at his disposal.
The Japanese refused to unconditionally 'surrender' to allied forces.
There was no element of 'surrender' in the early capitulations made between the powerful Ottoman Turk sultans and various European rulers.
the colonel was anxious to negotiate a 'surrender'
Now, the merciless enemy commander wants to 'surrender' .
It is an example of a leader and a party that will 'surrender' the right of this country to make decisions according to its own values and its own judgments.
Guiseley were in no mood to 'surrender' their lead and indeed they extended it.
Consumers who are forced to 'surrender' their policy early would lose any cover and the premiums they had paid.
As a consequence of the approach adopted by insurance companies on the early 'surrender' of endowment policies, a market has developed in second-hand endowment policies.
Some of these organizations caused their opponents serious discomfiture and served notice that the landlords were not going to 'surrender' their rights and privileges without a fight.
To frighten the people sufficiently that they will gladly 'surrender' their individual rights and those of their neighbors for the promise of security, you have to atomize them.
I conclude on the evidence that the only reason for TMD's involvement at this stage was the early 'surrender' of the lease and that these costs would not have been incurred but for that indication.
If you're going to 'surrender' your passport, you can't leave the country.
This is effectively an exit penalty for anyone who wants to 'surrender' a with-profits policy early and shift their money elsewhere.
he was surprised that Miriam should 'surrender' to this sort of jealousy
The suit demanded that Seaman 'surrender' the rights to 374 photos he took of the Lennon family and pay unspecified damages.
With no emperor, there would be no one with the authority to 'surrender' .
The more infrastructure destroyed, the more quickly the enemy is willing to 'surrender' , or so the theory goes.
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