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he was suspicious of her motives
having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something.
translation of 'suspicious'
संशय का,
The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra has had to be closed because of a 'suspicious' package.
Concern spread to other areas as well, with people reporting 'suspicious' packages from coast to coast.
Police did not treat her death as 'suspicious' at the time.
As the scam unfolded that night in the studio, production staff became 'suspicious' .
Are they 'suspicious' of whether or not the United States is the best vehicle for that change?
This was not what the Empress had in mind and she's highly 'suspicious' of the whole business.
Police are appealing for information from people who may have noticed anything 'suspicious' in the area.
There might be something 'suspicious' , but it's a joke.
Two reports of 'suspicious' packages have already been reported to the police.
Four 'suspicious' packages were examined by police but found to be harmless.
In general she is 'suspicious' of films about the music business, because Hollywood always gets the details wrong.
As someone who works in the unions, what do you tell activists who are 'suspicious' about the union movement?
They are intensely 'suspicious' of science and experimentation, and regard new technology with dread.
None of eight witnesses called by the prosecution saw anyone 'suspicious' , he maintained.
No wonder people are 'suspicious' of politicians and the political process.
A bomb disposal squad was dispatched to Colchester Castle to deal with a 'suspicious' package.
People will always be 'suspicious' of the answer you come up with, even if it is the right answer.
I'm almost always 'suspicious' of hand-me-down wisdom, and irritated by stock phrases like this.
The local musicians and the tourists were thoroughly 'suspicious' of something so synthetic, and it petered out.
The vague information about a 'suspicious' vehicle did not point to the commission of any criminal offence.
Ari found the 'suspicious' package in a cardboard box and immediately reported his discovery to the police.
Such practices, which began during this time period, took place under highly 'suspicious' circumstances.
No doubt, even those who are not firmly anti-American will be deeply 'suspicious' of American motives.
Maybe people are 'suspicious' of me, but the reality is that I'm spending most of my time looking at how we make the club game work.
They will readily take floating baits but can be very 'suspicious' at times.
At this point, the owner became 'suspicious' and questioned them about what they were doing.
They are also deeply 'suspicious' of American motives.
You mentioned the 'suspicious' package was left in front of that precinct building.
Logan's military assignments made him naturally 'suspicious' of strangers who questioned him, but Marie was different.
By the time Finland became independent, they were a bit 'suspicious' of nobility.
Don't be suspicious of China, daily tells India
Suspicious sightings near Mumbai; Navy, police on high alert
Suspicious men sighted in Raigad: Navy, police on high alert
Suspicious sightings in Raigad: Navy, police on high alert
Troops open fire after 'suspicious movement' on LoC
Branches probed on the basis of suspicious cash transaction reports: Axis Bank
Trump Tower evacuated due to suspicious package
White House on lockdown after suspicious package reported
Suspicious vehicle spotted near White House
Judge Loya's death: Suspicious circumstances warrant independent probe, says lawyers' body
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