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don't worry, sweetheart, I've got it all worked out
used as a term of endearment or affectionate form of address.
translation of 'sweetheart '
don't worry, 'sweetheart', I've got it all worked out
He went through a typical what we call male menopause, and he's not going to come back, 'sweetheart' .
Well, well there's a voice of an angel in that 'sweetheart' 's body.
He will get up in Parliament within the next 3 years and demand better roads between Napier and Hastings, and demand a 'sweetheart' deal on an airport.
Sports owners have tremendous leverage because they have 'sweetheart' stadium and arena deals that give them more flexibility in paying star players, and they can freely pass on ticket fees.
Laing has signed a 'sweetheart' deal with the Ucatt union under which workers will be brought onto a contract (rather than be considered self employed) - but at a loss of pay.
This is the problem with parents who start out telling their kids, ‘You can be anything your pretty little heart desires, 'sweetheart' .’
She was still a 'sweetheart' or angel or whatever cutesy name Mother thought up for her.
I know one thing, 'sweetheart' , we'll always have three staples: Smitty's seafood gumbo, red beans and rice and fried chicken.
he cut a 'sweetheart' deal with a politically well-placed union to get their endorsement in his re-election campaign
There has also been talk about buying back this network as a 'sweetheart' deal with Toll Holdings.
A Very Long Engagement tells the story of Mathilde, a young woman from a small farming community in France who falls in love with her childhood 'sweetheart' .
He has more God-given talent than most baseball players can dream of and the love of his childhood 'sweetheart' waiting for him back home.
He was already pacing down the latter half of the hallway when he bellowed back, ‘Yes, and whatever you want, 'sweetheart' , is yours.’
He even managed to meet the lady and says she is an absolute 'sweetheart' .
We will ballot our members in any factory where they have got a 'sweetheart' deal.
I hated it when people called you darling, 'sweetheart' , honey, sweetie.
Political watchdog groups have described it as a 'sweetheart' arrangement for corporations close to the Bush administration.
Believe me, my dear 'sweetheart' , you are very great - you provoked me and I decided to write you.
‘I'm sorry, 'sweetheart' ,’ he said, coming over to give her a hug.
He shook her slightly, ‘Wake up, you're dreaming, 'sweetheart' , it's just a dream!’
‘It was a very brave thing you did today, 'sweetheart' ,’ she smiled.
Yet another way is for top management to covertly divert company resources to friends and family and self through 'sweetheart' deals.
I bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a 'sweetheart' deal that took land using taxpayer money.
After all, who has time to cover the world when you've cut a 'sweetheart' deal with the victim's sister?
he is an absolute 'sweetheart'
I think we've already hit rock bottom, 'sweetheart' .
Michel is loved by his childhood 'sweetheart' , the perfect and beautiful Annabelle, whom he can barely love in return, try though he might.
Don't forget they signed a 'sweetheart' deal with Lexmark to hustle printers, too.
Vizard's reputation was damaged because he committed a crime, concealed it, then arranged a 'sweetheart' deal to avoid criminal sanctions.
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