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he was sympathetic toward staff with family problems
feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy.
A voice said to me, sympathetic , pleasant to the ear.
pleasant or agreeable, in particular.
translation of 'sympathetic'
सहानुभूति करने वाला,
सहानुभूति का,
The St. Judith girl's eyes widened and she gave him a 'sympathetic' look.
Madison gave a frustrated sigh and with one last 'sympathetic' smile exited my bedroom.
Rine decided these were not the friendly, 'sympathetic' guards she and the duke had encountered earlier.
The autonomic nervous system consists of two opposing systems, the 'sympathetic' and the parasympathetic nervous systems.
Like Tony Maudsley's character, Martin, Christine is very 'sympathetic' , and her sweet nature sets her apart from Ray Temple's bullying and caustic ways.
His lifestyle was too threatening, his irresponsibility too damning to make him 'sympathetic' .
"Oh, no, " he said, sounding 'sympathetic' .
It would also release more time for doctors, who would no longer need to cope with people presenting illness as a cover for their real aim - the chance to talk to a 'sympathetic' person about their personal problems.
Cocaine, ecstasy, and amphetamine share similar adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, related predominantly to activation of the 'sympathetic' nervous system.
If the 'sympathetic' nervous system is damaged, however, the blood vessels do not constrict and blood pressure progressively decreases.
Both of the controllers were understanding and 'sympathetic' toward me, perhaps more than I deserved.
Though Stark is 'sympathetic' to these voices, her ire is raised by the question of private practice.
The constrictor muscle is supplied by the parasympathetic nervous system, and the dilator by the 'sympathetic' nervous system.
Without glossing over the more reprehensible elements in Sade's temperament, Rush succeeds in making him into a 'sympathetic' character.
You could design something that's 'sympathetic' to its surroundings.
I'm sure the writers will protest that discussing issues like this, using 'sympathetic' characters, helps educate others in similar situations.
This has happened at other stores and usually the most 'sympathetic' person is the sales clerk, who feels guilty that I can't try on the clothes.
The Minister also appeared to have taken a 'sympathetic' approach towards the problems faced by medical college doctors.
There may be a few on the bar ethics committee, at least, who are 'sympathetic' to the ‘civil disobedience’ argument.
Readers looking for sweet, 'sympathetic' heroines would be best advised to look elsewhere.
At least one newspaper has editorialised in favour of political union and others are 'sympathetic' to the proposal.
He remains 'sympathetic' to their aims whilst showing up their limitations.
Let's hope that Bradford MP Gerry Sutcliffe, whose ministerial responsibilities now include fireworks, is 'sympathetic' to that view.
Dave offered a hug along with his 'sympathetic' tone, but Lori didn't feel the comfort in the embrace.
Mikey gave her the most 'sympathetic' look he could muster then pushed her hair back.
None of the characters are very 'sympathetic' or warm, with the only real charm being shown by the film's villain, Kay Walsh.
The plaintiff in this case had reflex 'sympathetic' dystrophy in his left arm caused by a work-related accident.
She doesn't come across as a very 'sympathetic' character.
‘Don't worry dear ’, she told me in 'sympathetic' tones, ‘Everything will be fine’.
General anesthesia causes peripheral vessels to dilate by depressing the 'sympathetic' nervous system.
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