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तकनीकी रूप से
technically, a nut is a single-seeded fruit
according to the facts or exact meaning of something; strictly.
a technically brilliant boxing contest
with reference to the technique displayed.
translation of 'technically'
प्रौद्योगिकी रूप से,
तकनीकी रूप से,
पारिभाषिक रूप में
Secret ballot or not, the vote should 'technically' be strictly on the ‘criteria’.
The fact that it is 'technically' in breach of the car hire agreement is, surely, a civil matter and thus just a technicality?
Plus, the fact that it's 'technically' a fungus puts off some communities like Jains.
It includes some of the most emotionally creative and 'technically' brilliant music alongside the bland and inane.
a 'technically' brilliant boxing contest
Thus when people say that dinosaurs are extinct, they are 'technically' not correct.
For this, countries need to be well administered, economically sound and 'technically' advanced.
This is 'technically' true in the fact that because we are going to war too, the overall operation is multilateral.
His movements are severely restricted and his legal status is in limbo - 'technically' he is still an illegal immigrant.
If you're already a fan, you will find it moving and inspiring and 'technically' brilliant.
He's never found wanting 'technically' , and there are some jaw-dropping displays of speed and power
The statement was 'technically' correct, since it accurately reflected the British paper.
And despite the fact that what they were doing was 'technically' illegal, no one seemed to mind.
Nowhere on TV will you find so many 'technically' advanced camera techniques and presentation.
Though 'technically' brilliant your movies always have a social or political theme.
'technically' advanced tools
His winery was 'technically' advanced, and he seems to have made good wine.
Lorraine gave a brilliant account of the 'technically' demanding solo role in the concerto.
Modern biotechnology is a more 'technically' advanced form of this older biotechnology.
Whilst 'technically' correct it omits to mention how he obtained the degree.
He obviously has a ballet background, because he is very 'technically' correct.
The house has since been rebuilt, but is still illegal and could 'technically' be destroyed at any time.
It was an eye opener for me at the time, this kind of kite flying I think was in relative infancy at the time though still quite 'technically' advanced.
He's very clever to work with, brilliant 'technically' , and he makes my job so much easier.
He remembered life before he had come on board the most 'technically' advanced ship in the Empire.
His site is 'technically' illegal, although he has tried to get a license, but the price is too high.
I commit actions which are 'technically' illegal, but which, according to my point of view, are of benefit to people.
Some laboratory activities were 'technically' advanced for middle school students.
a 'technically' brilliant boxing contest
This was 'technically' innovative since the two fibers for a duplex link were located in one ferrule.
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