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This filter became of paramount importance in the production of dense wavelength division multiplexing filters for telecommunication applications.
communication over a distance by cable, telegraph, telephone, or broadcasting.
translation of 'telecommunication'
दूर संचार
The bandwidth of existing 'telecommunication' networks is determined, in part, by the spots in the spectrum where attenuation in the fiber peaks.
If the relevant agency has lawful authority to intercept a 'telecommunication' , technological barriers should not prevent them from doing so.
digital 'telecommunication' has much to recommend it
The network operated through 'telecommunication' channels like telephone and Internet.
it is an offence for a person intentionally to intercept a 'telecommunication'
This filter became of paramount importance in the production of dense wavelength division multiplexing filters for 'telecommunication' applications.
Broadband refers to 'telecommunication' in which a wide band of frequencies are available to transmit information.
More recently, largely due to the sharp rise in cellular mobile telephone subscribers and paging users, a number of new 'telecommunication' retailer branches have opened.
It was started 140 years ago by countries across the world to standardise the telegram and has been at the forefront of every international 'telecommunication' effort since.
In place of crystal balls they have given us ‘Internet-enabled computing’, video conferencing and mobile 'telecommunication' .
This is a wireless phone that will use the best 'telecommunication' technology available.
Your hotel will need to have high-speed internet access, will need to have good 'telecommunication' equipment in general.
Cameras, 'telecommunication' products, and DVD players are responsible for most of the increase.
In this day and age of advanced 'telecommunication' facilities a source of a telephone call is very easy to detect.
Add in energetic radiowaves used in 'telecommunication' , and we have a recipe for disaster.
However, there are no buildings of a suitable height or design available to accommodate 'telecommunication' equipment in the area, or masts capable of being shared.
The more users there are within a community, the more cost effective broadband investment becomes for 'telecommunication' companies.
Fixed line 'telecommunication' has proved problematic for all telecom companies with a lot of migration to mobile telephones.
Demand for 'telecommunication' surges in the world's fastest growing economy.
It was the view of the committee that, in these instances, the incidents had likely involved the fouling of submarine 'telecommunication' cables or associated debris.
He said modern 'telecommunication' infrastructure was costly, but the resulting efficiency in communication enhances business effectiveness
This brings real-world practicality to 'telecommunication' and network applications.
And I also think the telephone and 'telecommunication' companies want it as well.
'telecommunication' equipment
Trade between them is dominated by information technology and 'telecommunications' equipment.
These days, most 'telecommunications' are sent automatically from one telephone exchange or computer to another.
I studied computational physics at university rather than engineering or 'telecommunications' .
Even so, he has some concerns about Ireland's 'telecommunications' deficit.
One embodiment of the invention may be viewed as a 'telecommunications' service for allowing a user to send a telecommunication comprising textual, graphic and/or audio material to be delivered to a recipient in e-mail form.
He holds master's degrees in 'telecommunications' systems and computer science.
Department of Telecommunications approves Bharti Airtel-Telenor merger
China launches telecommunication technology test satellite
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