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जांच का
a tentative conclusion
not certain or fixed; provisional.
translation of 'tentative'
जांच का,
नमूने का,
परख का
Meanwhile, NASA presented a 'tentative' exploration strategy paper at the international workshop.
Through their daughters they made the first 'tentative' steps towards friendship.
But the official also stressed that the report was based on 'tentative' conclusions and said the analysis is not yet final.
To arrive at some 'tentative' answers to these questions we might first consider some winners and losers.
Both sides began in the 'tentative' fashion that was to be expected in a winner-takes-all contest.
With the help of hospital physio teams, Dawn has taken her first 'tentative' steps on false legs this month.
It was just about 12 years ago that I sat on my living room floor, watching Natalie take her first 'tentative' steps.
What began as a 'tentative' dance has become a passionate embrace.
The two organisations are already exploring 'tentative' plans to meet and discuss a joint approach to developing a national stadium.
Given the small size of the population I have considered, my own conclusions are necessarily 'tentative' .
It was a kind of empire built on very provisional and 'tentative' things that might happen.
Our findings provide preliminary and highly 'tentative' impressions.
While such research is illuminating, its conclusions are always 'tentative' and probabilistic.
Alice was a touch 'tentative' about what she said to Seth that night.
Some athletes return from injuries a little 'tentative' .
If these approvals are established, the 'tentative' starting date would be September 2005.
It would destroy any 'tentative' revival of confidence and spending.
If you're taking 'tentative' steps up the professional ladder, consider all the options.
Now, I may finally keep track of my journey with solid dates, instead of 'tentative' time periods.
It's an ideal place to make those 'tentative' first dives in the ocean.
There was nothing 'tentative' about Bill's technique.
Bebbens cleared his throat and took a 'tentative' step forward.
Field notes and memos that explored 'tentative' meanings from the data enhanced conclusion drawing.
Organizers expect the park to be skate ready for a 'tentative' kick-off date of September 30 this year.
The first 'tentative' steps towards allowing women to become bishops was taken by the Church of England's parliament yesterday.
Three tiger cubs born in Scotland will this week take their first 'tentative' steps into the great outdoors.
At this stage, however, ideas about what causes the link between early mental ability and risk for dementia are only 'tentative' .
Court officials said the new dates are 'tentative' and may still change depending on how the motion to consolidate the charges is resolved.
Some local authorities, including Liverpool, have already taken 'tentative' steps towards a ban on smoking.
So when I strapped on a pair of skis two years ago, it was a rather 'tentative' individual who stepped on the snow.
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