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That is certainly plausible enough, but is he really the man to lecture us terrestrials on the distinction between ‘science’ and ‘fantasy’?
an inhabitant of the earth.
increased ultraviolet radiation may disrupt terrestrial ecosystems
of, on, or relating to the earth.
translation of 'terrestrial'
पृथ्वी सम्बन्धी,
पृथवी का,
Recurrent natural disturbances and abiotic stress factors are integral components of many 'terrestrial' plant communities.
In a 'terrestrial' plant, the slightly alkaline cytoplasm of a typical cell is sandwiched between the acidic apoplast and the likewise acidic vacuole.
Lady slippers and some kinds of cymbidium are 'terrestrial' orchids.
The carcharodontosaurs were among the largest 'terrestrial' predators that ever lived, some reaching as much as forty feet long and weighing four tons.
Clearly we still have a ways to go before oceans and marine wildlife receive the same level of attention afforded to 'terrestrial' ecosystems.
One of the main challenges facing the BBC is encouraging people to change over to digital TV before the 'terrestrial' signal is finally switched off in 2012.
Aquatic and 'terrestrial' invertebrates are the most common food of the Solitary Sandpiper.
Now it had become a reality in a queer way, but what a letdown it was, dreaming of the celestial and getting the 'terrestrial' .
The reef is an improbable landscape of improbable creatures, and we can do little but borrow descriptions from the 'terrestrial' world in an attempt to describe them.
Daniels is the owner of seven tortoises, as 'terrestrial' turtles are commonly known.
Male fowl are often vigilant, and they use two types of alarm call to signal aerial and 'terrestrial' predators.
Global climate change and its impacts on 'terrestrial' vegetation are of major international concern at present.
Both the shortage and the excess of water may cause severe stress to 'terrestrial' plants, with ultimately lethal outcomes.
Beaches are transition ecosystems between marine and 'terrestrial' environments.
They probably subsisted on insects and other small 'terrestrial' invertebrates and perhaps even on small vertebrates.
With substantial on-screen competition from cable and satellite as well as 'terrestrial' broadcasters, expectations of the BBC have never been higher.
But somewhat surprisingly, this 'terrestrial' arachnid doesn't mind swimming, either.
Large 'terrestrial' scorpions would be among the top predators.
The canopy of sky implies its counterpart, the 'terrestrial' sphere.
Within these plots we recorded all plant species observed, including 'terrestrial' lichens.
Like earth, Mars is a 'terrestrial' planet quite unlike the spectacularly strange gas giants that lie beyond the ‘Red Planet’ and the Asteroid Belt.
TV ads will be placed on both 'terrestrial' and satellite television, and radio ads on national and local radio stations.
The cuticle of 'terrestrial' vascular plants and some bryophytes is covered with a complex mixture of lipids, usually called epicuticular waxes.
Another issue is the regulation of 'terrestrial' television stations and the explosion of digital TV channels.
Events that appear set to continue to be broadcast on 'terrestrial' television include the All Ireland finals and rugby internationals.
Such antipredator behavior is extremely common, occurring in taxa ranging from aquatic invertebrates to 'terrestrial' mammals.
In 1996 the government decided to allocate frequency space to digital 'terrestrial' television to start broadcasts in 1998.
Warm-blooded animals are the only 'terrestrial' creatures that live in large herds or flocks or that migrate long distances.
Freeview will launch after significant improvements have been made to the quality and reliability of the digital 'terrestrial' television signal.
Scientists see Titan as a complex world, closer to a 'terrestrial' planet than a moon typical of the outer planetary systems.
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