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The Engineer officer summoned all available Territorials (a reserve force) to assist in repairs.
(in the UK) a member of the Territorial Army, a volunteer force locally organized to provide a reserve of trained and disciplined manpower for use in an emergency.
territorial disputes
of or relating to the ownership of an area of land or sea.
a bizarre territorial rite
of or relating to a particular territory, district, or locality.
translation of 'territorial'
We have seven 'territorial' local authorities, the Auckland Regional Transport Network, Infrastructure Auckland, and the Auckland Regional Council.
Although 'territorial' behavior is not normally observed, males will exhibit this behavior during times when population size and food supplies are lower.
So that the concept of 'territorial' limitations to the jurisdiction of justices is something that is found at least at that point in history.
We shall respect the independence, sovereignty and 'territorial' integrity of all our neighbours.
Adults are at their lowest weight in the spring as 'territorial' behaviour by the boars and suckling by the sows will have reduced their stored fat to a minimum.
In contrast, nesting males cannot move freely between nests because of the 'territorial' behavior of other nesting males and the risk of losing their current nest.
One-third of all proceeds would go to the Department of Internal Affairs to go out to the 'territorial' authorities to distribute to arts, culture, and sports and recreation.
Male 'territorial' behavior is particularly important in the autumn, during territory establishment, and in early spring.
The sample size and the number of sites used for the front seatbelt survey was increased significantly last year, allowing results for individual 'territorial' local authorities to be included.
Pell makes a series of spectacular leaps of logic in order to stake that 'territorial' claim.
Broadbills seem to be territorial during the breeding season and their display flights may serve as both breeding and 'territorial' displays.
The law not only requires large-scale administrative and 'territorial' changes, but also reduces local governments' independence.
Some dogs are 'territorial' and inadvertently ruin window blinds or woodwork trying to get to an intruding delivery person.
Audience sex and 'territorial' status influenced aggressive behavior in the interacting males, but a strong audience x nest interaction also was uncovered.
Snapping shrimp are 'territorial' , with male and female partners codefending a constructed burrow from intruders.
For instance, chimps are very territorial and patrol borders in order to maintain large 'territorial' areas for gathering fruit.
Furthermore, one of the two females was observed singing late in the breeding season when 'territorial' aggression and hence song should be decreasing.
It has been suggested that this decline in 'territorial' aggression may be because large flight and tail feathers were growing at this time and would be easily damaged in a fight.
The notion of jurisdiction is essentially 'territorial' .
It is quite a shift in costs but to the average Canadian, they don't care whether the federal or provincial or 'territorial' government pays for it.
Ideas of 'territorial' integrity and the ownership of territory are very strong.
Males of many species of hummingbird are 'territorial' and the territories, which are usually centered around a food source, are aggressively defended by their owners.
Responsibilities for protecting Canada's biodiversity fall on the shoulders of both the provincial, 'territorial' and federal governments.
It is the practice of this paper during municipal and 'territorial' elections to make space available to all the local candidates free of charge, in addition to whatever ads we hope they will also take out.
Some agencies are primarily 'territorial' , as in local government, while others are primarily functional, such as education authorities which administer services on a local basis.
Further, we have been advised that the wild dogs are very 'territorial' and, if they find any animal in what they consider their territory, they will try to kill it.
Breeding fighting fish are 'territorial' , defending an area around a nest of mucus-coated bubbles floating on the water surface.
It's not that we have any designs on the land of our neighbours, although we have been reluctantly obliged to occupy some of their land as guarantees of 'territorial' security.
The Prime Minister and the thirteen provincial and 'territorial' leaders are meeting there tonight to put the finishing touches on a new Constitutional Accord.
Therefore, under the law, they took a majority of the seats in the new 'territorial' assembly.
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