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शुक्र है
she thankfully accepted the armchair she was offered
in a thankful manner.
translation of 'thankfully'
Ancestors buried beneath its great floor slates 'thankfully' still rest in peace.
What saves it as a film are the stunning dance performances which are 'thankfully' allowed to play out in full.
A full scale search was launched and 'thankfully' she was found unharmed, aside from suffering from the cold.
Bill's smugness is in full swing here, and 'thankfully' is toned down in later performances.
It is so easy for it to happen, as we have seen here, but 'thankfully' this case ended happily.
My article was not written for you and 'thankfully' it has reached its target audience.
'thankfully', everything went smoothly
The instruments had cost Benedict a fortune, but 'thankfully' he was already a millionaire.
Cake forks and serviettes were provided, 'thankfully' not placed under the buttered teacake!
When he collapsed it, he was stretchered off with a neck injury that, 'thankfully' , revealed no fractures.
But 'thankfully' no-one was hurt, none of the other properties were in danger, and all is well.
Eager to claim pole position, he skidded off the track with two minutes left, but 'thankfully' walked away unhurt.
she 'thankfully' accepted the armchair she was offered
His health has improved so much that 'thankfully' he is able to lead a normal life, going about his work as usual.
Today, 'thankfully' , relations with the committee are somewhat more cordial.
But on the whole it could have been much worse and 'thankfully' there weren't any clashes between the fans.
The robberies took place during a funeral and any information will be 'thankfully' accepted.
she 'thankfully' accepted the armchair she was offered
A few players from each side got involved in a fracas, but 'thankfully' common sense prevailed.
The animal was as close as 60 yards but 'thankfully' showed no interest in the doctor or his wife.
A large crowd was in attendance despite the strong breeze but 'thankfully' the rain stayed away.
After Santa, we had a look around the craft fair, which wasn't all that good so 'thankfully' my wallet stayed put in my pocket.
Ever the gentleman he offered her an arm for support and she accepted 'thankfully' .
'thankfully', everything went smoothly
It's a gorgeous album, but 'thankfully' it doesn't take itself too seriously either.
I've had many years of yo-yo dieting, but 'thankfully' for the last two and half years, I have not been on a diet.
Thankfully, no one put me in brother's zone: Rajkummar Rao
'Fukrey Returns', thankfully with entertainment (Film Review)
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