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the sense of family togetherness was strong and excluded neighbors
the state of being close to another person or other people.
The real point of these rituals, I think, is 'togetherness' - a unity of common hopes and dreams ushering in a new year.
We celebrate 'togetherness' and the family, and every good thing he or others have done for us.
We are in an arduous process of learning how to live together, and 'togetherness' is our only option.
Not all of the remodeled spaces are built for family 'togetherness' .
Simple lifestyles, family 'togetherness' and a vegetarian diet are their credo.
Sure, it was short notice, but I have a special place in my heart for family 'togetherness' on the holidays.
There's a strong sense of 'togetherness' among them.
This arrangement makes it possible for the family to enjoy privacy, 'togetherness' , and a connection to the outdoors.
Emphasise the spiritual side of Christmas to your children, and insist that it is not the presents but the family 'togetherness' that makes it special.
the sense of family 'togetherness' was strong and excluded neighbours
Last month, there was little talk of unity and 'togetherness' .
The Atlanta natives seek to convey messages of love, peace, respect and family 'togetherness' .
Tea represents many different aspects of one's life, such as 'togetherness' , sharing, respect and affection.
We will experience some real family 'togetherness' as we share our tiny Hong Kong apartment.
Family loyalty and 'togetherness' are central to life in Andorra.
As the cards and carols remind us, Christmas is supposed to be a time for families and 'togetherness' and peace and well being for all.
I looked at my friends and family and sensed their feeling of unity and 'togetherness' after all this and I felt lost and left out.
the sense of family 'togetherness' was strong and excluded neighbors
The month of Ramadan is a time to focus on family 'togetherness' .
Ahmad's family traditions revolve around 'togetherness' , good music and good food.
I imagined myself wandering around the city as an outcast, where happy scenes of family and 'togetherness' only added to my despair.
What is it about the holidays that makes us temporarily forget how misguided the concept of family 'togetherness' is?
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